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machine endurance posted: Mon 2012-01-23 12:28:08 tags: fitness
One of these days I'll get around to making Phosphoros's post dates adjustable. Here's one where it would be handy to move to last night (Sunday Jan 22, ~8PM) Session #56 - 3x through the machine circuit, focusing on endurance, ergo mostly weight settings a notch or two lower than usual. I'm not interested in building bulge-y vein-y muscle mass - that's just grotesque. Yet what I've been doing - 6-12 reps at weights where 6-12 is all you can do - is exactly what conventional training wisdom says buil... (...more)
mileage posted: Sat 2012-01-21 13:29:28 tags: fitness
(per Twitter) Session #55: 3.3mi / 40m35s. 1/2 lap at 8.0mph, 1mi at 6.0 I fell asleep earlyish without internets, but this bed is a bit too hard, and the window-rattler A.C. is really loud, so I find myself waking a lot to roll over. I woke for good before 8. I started the day as usual with a cup of instant coffee to wash down omega-3s and vitamins, and then my standard combo of 2 El Monterey bean-and-cheese burritos and a Jose Ole breakfast burrito. I had given the gym a miss entirely yesterday, be... (...more)
instead of squats posted: Fri 2012-01-20 10:09:31 tags: fitness, what I'm eating
Back when I was seriously entertaining calisthenics instead of training with weight equipment, I ran across some training articles that suggested that if you only train with one exercise in the gym, it should be squats, because squats engage so much of the lower body. And my old friend Chris suggested that although weighted squats are of course ideal, even without weights there's some benefit. The prohibitive drawbacks are twofold for me though: one, I don't have a workout partner/spotter, and I'm not d... (...more)
mileage posted: Thu 2012-01-19 13:05:35 tags: fitness
Session #54: added leg curls and leg press to machine routine; 3.3mi/41m34s, 8.0mph peak for 1/2 lap. By the time I 50# is probably a good go-to point on leg curls. I can do 70#, but not a full range of motion, which somewhat defeats the purpose. I thought 190# was going to be my starting point on leg press, but then tonight on my first circuit I pressed 25 reps at 190. So on the second circuit I tried stepping up to 230, determined that's too much, and backed off to 210. I was good for 12 reps at t... (...more)
new machines: lower-body posted: Wed 2012-01-18 10:16:12 tags: fitness
After weeks of slowing down as I pass the lower-body machines on my way out of the gym, I finally got hands-on: leg curls: 12x 70-90# leg extensions: 12x 90#, but see below hip abduction / adduction: 70-90# fairly easily, but see below seated leg press: 12x 190# was a good challenge. The hip abduction/adduction and leg extension machines made's "10 exercise machines to avoid" list. The criticism of the hip machines is that a seated training position doesn't correspond to real-world m... (...more)