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mileage posted: Thu 2011-11-24 11:15:18 tags: fitness
(per twitter, Sunday Nov 20) session #36: 3.3mi / 45m15s. 1 full mile at a 5.0mph jog; peaked at 7.0mph for a half-lap. (per twitter, Tuesday Nov 22, session #37) 3.3mi / 44m29s: warmup, 1mi+ at 5.0mph, cooldown at 3.3mph, another .75mi at 5, cooldown, another .75mi \o/ And Sunday I noticed the gym had Thanksgiving hours 'til 2PM posted, so today I caught the end of the Macy's parade and the beginning of the AKC national dog show while I got a short treadmill session #38 in: 2.2mi in 30 minutes. Warm... (...more)
(untitled) posted: Wed 2011-11-23 10:51:02 tags: daylog
Today I learned one of the former receptionists passed away recently. She was there a couple years, but eventually her alcohol addiction became a liability on the job. Word has it by the time she died she had more or less stopped eating, and was fueled primarily by alcohol. She was 51. Sunday I was thinking about things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving. My health, because although I haven't lost much weight, my cardiopulmonary fitness is probably better than it's ever been in my adult life. My home, b... (...more)
to-do's and PIN tricks posted: Sat 2011-11-19 07:12:03 tags: daylog, PIN trick
Landlord's critically low disk space: fixed. Seems he had his weekly scheduled backups backing up his whole drive into his user folder... on that same drive. Scanner not scanning: fixed. After reinstalling drivers and running the manufacturer's troubleshooter, determined the scanner wasn't actually powered on. D'oh. In my defense, its perch was above eye level. Never, never assume the user has checked the obvious... Laundry: laundering Accounts registers: _ Pretty sure the teller screwed up my trans... (...more)
mileage posted: Fri 2011-11-18 16:30:09 tags: fitness
session #35: 3.3mi / 45m50s, peaking at 6.8mph for... not quite 2 laps... I just didn't have the stam. If the weather isn't so dreary tomorrow I might sneak another run in, because that worked so very well last Saturday. Subway's $5 footlong of the month is Chicken Marinara, which sounds great until you chomp down on flecks of gristle. So I'm sticking to the omelette melts this month. Today it was egg+turkey, cheddar, tomato, pickle, black olive, banana pepper and chipotle dressing. Breakfast was a turk... (...more)
mileage posted: Wed 2011-11-16 11:02:29 tags: fitness
Last treadmill session (#33) was Monday, Nov. 7, where I clocked 3.3mi in exactly 46 minutes. Then I got dragged down by the stress of finalizing annual software changes, in combination with a storm of domestic disturbances. The software update project is done aside from some final testing and debugging, and I'm at-ease with that and looking forward to making some advances in re-engineering it as an intranet application. The domestic situation was good while it lasted - clean, quiet, economical and... (...more)