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unitarian jihad posted: Tue 2011-09-06 15:09:07 tags: n/a
unitarian jihad - SFGate
I'm not sure what the benefit of Secure Google ( is. Big deal, when you're Googling in the airport or coffee shop, other people on the open WAP can't sniff your search terms? Hopefully you're not Googling anarchist cookbooks or kiddie pron in public to start with. They still store your search history, the better to target ads my dear. But if you still care about making Secure your default Chrome search provider, browse to chrome://settings/searchEngines and set the search provi... (...more)
dunno posted: Mon 2011-09-05 11:15:52 tags: dreams
Wish I'd jotted it down when I woke up, because I know there was more to it than money-worry. Oh well.

So instead, here's an article from my bookmarks about using lasers to zap mosquitos. Amazingly affordable for commercial applications, but I imagine there'd have to be a demarc'ed "danger zone" else somebody will eventually get a retina zapped in passing.

the island and the porn studio posted: Sun 2011-09-04 05:46:04 tags: dreams
We arrive to the tune of "Man" off the Dr. Calculus "Designer Beatnik" album. (A strange auditory imagining, since I didn't fall asleep to music.) The island is populated with a dozen or so stranded survivors, they have built a ranch-style house and forage and farm. In places, the geographical seams of the island swallow the sand and spit back freshwater springs. Some of these springs blow hot and cold. Some of these springs take mysteriously accurate aim at those who approach too closely, chasing them unt... (...more)
Booting up a running routine was pretty simple: get on the treadmill, warm up, find comfortable-stride speeds at walking, power-walk, jog and running paces, and then find the speeds that I can sustain for measured bursts, in terms of leg and cardiopulmonary endurance. In subsequent sessions, push those limits: Lengthen my stride a little. Run a little faster. Run a little longer. Trim the recovery phases. Fiddle with grades. Bootstrapping a program of spot-training specific muscle groups has been less s... (...more)