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househunter 2.0 posted: Mon 2012-01-16 10:51:27 tags: housing
Had a really relaxing weekend after such a crazy week... relaxing, that is, once I got over the twin feelings that any moment I was going to hear my car being stolen, or that roaches would suddenly start pouring out of the woodwork. But the neighborhood seems to be a bit safer than my paranoid imagination imagined; let's remember that when I came to look at the place at dusk Thursday there were kids playing in the driveway next door. The neighbors and I are predominantly the same color... which shouldn... (...more)
Word 2000 is stupid posted: Fri 2012-01-13 12:16:39 tags: n/a
Word 2000 is really dense about copying style information and pasting the style, not the actual formatting. So if, say, "Heading1" is defined as 16pt Times New Roman bold underlined in a source document, but the target document defines "Heading1" as green 12pt Bodoni MT Black with a 12pt space above and below, and 2.5-inch page margins, the clipboard gets only the style, not the explicit formatting details. Needless to say, chances are in a small-to-medium business with no formal word-processing policies t... (...more)
househunter 2.0 posted: Thu 2012-01-12 13:47:46 tags: housing
At the end of 2007, my patience and tolerance for filth and inconsideration ran out, and I wasn't accepting temper tantrums as a form of boundary negotiation. In my haste and inexperience with room-shopping, I ended up in a somewhat better place, at somewhat higher cost of rent. It was still a far cry from "good", once I realized the new-roommate-honeymoon was over. And then I was stuck in a 1-year lease. Lesson learned: month-to-month onry. So in mid-2009, I scraped together first-and-last (or first... (...more)
mileage and daylog posted: Sun 2012-01-08 19:55:05 tags: fitness, daylogs
Yesterday was a regular off-day; today at 6AM I heard what sounded like the landlord popping a beercan, and again not 15 minutes later, and AGAIN... and after he settled down again and apparently drank himself unconscious, I said to myself whoo-boy, what a good day to GTFO and not be here. Ergo: Session #51: good upper-body circuit, still can't do a full set of 12 reps on 50# arm curls but it's OK. I did get a good 8 ab crunches in at 90#, and my chest press is stepping up to 90# too. 3.3mi in 41m41s on... (...more)
extra upper-body non-session posted: Fri 2012-01-06 16:43:35 tags: fitness
My roommate D.- got hit and totalled his scooter right before the holidays, so I gave him a ride to the train station on my way out and picked him up at Pubix pharmacy on the way back. The timing worked out pretty perfectly for me to duck into the gym for a couple sets on my upper-body circuit between teh oriffice and Pubix. As decided yesterday, I rearranged my circuit order: 12 reps at 50# / overhead press (yay, a full set at 50#) 9 reps at 50# / arm curl 3 reps at 90# XD and rebooted the set at 70# /... (...more)