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session 81 posted: Sun 2012-03-11 16:33:04 tags: fitness
Session 81 (per twitter): 3.3mi / 35m33s - best time by 2.5 minutes. 2.2mi at 6.1mph, ~1.5 lap cooldown, finish at 6.1 \o/ So much for "clean eating" - dinner last night and breakfast today consisted of Pizza Hut pizza and buffalo chicken nuggets. To carb up about an hour before I committed to hitting the 'mill, I sucked down a can of apricot "nectar", which is basically 200 calories of HFCS plus some vitamin C. For the past couple months, roughly, I've been guesstimating my weight for treadmill purp... (...more)
session 80 posted: Fri 2012-03-09 11:25:09 tags: fitness
Breakfast: leftover Subway turkey omelette sammich from last night, a can of coconut-pineapple "nectar" (which is primarily HFCS, flavoring and 100% RDA of C). Pubilx for powerbars, bank, gym for part 1 of session 80: 2 sets on my Cybex circuit, all done by noon. Highlight: With 90# on the stack, I "clanked" the weights on the leg curl machine; so, I'm close to breaking into the 110# level there. Yay for strengthening hammies. I'd hoped to get to the office in time to get in on the sushi lunch order, an... (...more)
session 79 posted: Thu 2012-03-08 16:57:09 tags: fitness
Mild tummy troubles yesterday and today, and some of the heaviest rain I've seen in quite some months. Google's forecast is calling for showers through Sunday. Despite the crap weather and indigestion, I got into the office early enough to be constructive and leave around 4:15 to have the Cybex equipment mostly to myself for 2 sets. Hardly peak performance but better than NO performance! overhead press: 8-10x 70# arm curl: 10-12x 50#, and 6-8x 10# one-armed each side ab crunch: 12-16x 90-110# arm ext... (...more)
dreams posted: Tue 2012-03-06 06:13:28 tags: dreams
a reunion or a housewarming? absent slob but a new third moving in. a valentine gift revisited. Deb Speid? and other HS friends.
session 78 posted: Mon 2012-03-05 16:11:39 tags: fitness
Woke ~7:15, coffee, vitamins but short on the omega-3s because I ran out of flaxseed caps over the weekend. I waffled briefly over whether to duck in the gym before the working part of the day, decided against it. Despairing of ever finding mens Medium white oxford long-sleeve button-down shirts at *mart, I broke down and bought a pair of size L. Brunch: Dunkins egg+cheese on multigrain, a toasted buttered wheat bagel, and a large coffee - I figured this was relatively sleep-safe but we'll see. Havin... (...more)