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beans 2.2 and hot plate repair posted: Sat 2012-06-23 09:26:47 tags: what I'm eating, tech
Last weekend (beans 2.1), the end result wasn't as firm as I would have liked. So this time around, we'll bring 5 cups water with a few shakes of salt to a boil, add the rinsed non-lentils and return to full boil, remove from heat, add 1 + 2/3 cups dry rice, and let cool and "quick soak" an hour. Then add a few splashes of olive oil, a few more shakes of salt, 1 cup ea. frozen broccoli cuts and chopped spinach, 2/3 cup lentils, and 2 to 2.5 cups water, and simmer another 30 minutes tops. Intermission. A... (...more)
session 112 posted: Wed 2012-06-20 18:47:39 tags: fitness, what I'm eating
(per twitter) session 112: 4.0mi/56m00sec. 8.0mph / .75 lap, 7.5 and 7.0 laps, 6.7 / 2 laps, 5.5 / 1mi between cooldowns. 585kcal. Yes, my slowest 4-mile evar, but that's because I started out by getting myself overheated and winded at high speeds. So, it's all good, because pushing myself to adapt to higher speeds ultimately means that medium-speed endurance will be easier. Weigh-in was 194. When I got home I was famished and went a little berserk with pizza hutt for 50-cent wing Wednesday. I was so... (...more)
"Castle Age: Heart of Darkness" is a flash-based Facebook game, spun off from Pheonix Age's "Castle Age" game. It was initially released as a mini-game within Castle Age last year, during the early development of CA's "festival of the gods" content. Completing the initial quests within the HoD mini-game awarded the CA player with a new general, the faerie princess Persephone. HoD gameplay is basically reboot of Castle Age: same pool of character parameters ("stats"): Attack, Defense, Energy, Stamina and... (...more)
session 110+111 posted: Mon 2012-06-18 17:07:21 tags: fitness
(per twitter) session 111: 4.0mi / 52m42s (or was it 53m43s? dgaf) 1mi / 5.6mph, cooldown, 1mi / 5.4, cooldown, 1mi / 5.6, cooldown, .5mi / 6.7. 632kcal. Weighed out at 191, but the kcal is based on 195. One of those miles must have actually been .75mi, because cooldowns were all .25 mi... And obviously, 1 + .25 + 1 + .25 + 1 + .25 + .5 is over the 4-mile mark. Probably a month or more since I stopped in Subway after the gym, because I got out of the habit of showering at the gym. I think the franchi... (...more)
jusched posted: Sun 2012-06-17 11:07:53 tags: tech
Comcast's high-sped product is being an annoying twat today, dropping packets and being slow and choppy in general. That always puts me in the mood for a little tweak-freaking. Today we're going to talk about the Java Update Scheduler. In layman's terms, Java is an extension to the language of the interwebs that adds a lot of possibilities for fine-tuning website behavior and dynamics. When you see menus and boxes that slide gracefully around the page, when you see the CAPTCHAs that protect websites fro... (...more)