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Baby Doe's Beer Cheese Soup posted: Thu 2012-04-05 06:54:24 tags: recipes
From an recipe, via a FB friend, Brandy: Baby Doe's Beer Cheese Soup (not "Baby Does"... nobody doe's baby in a corner) 2 large bottle of Cheese Whiz 6 oz. Cornstarch 8 cups of milk, reserve two cups to mix with the cornstarch. oz Worchester sauce oz Tabasco sauce 1 lb bacon, diced, cooked, drained, about 16 slices. cup red onions sauted, two small or one large. 12 oz beer 6 tabs of chicken bouillon 1) Heat 6 cups of Milk in a double boiler warm, not boiling 2) W... (...more)
session 95 posted: Tue 2012-04-03 11:13:53 tags: fitness
Had an ADHD sort of morning and ended up giving any sort of breakfast a miss, other than coffee and vitamins. Had a few slugs of V8 before hitting the gym for session 95 part 1: a couple of sub-optimal Cybex circuits. Checked my PO box (empty) and got an egg+cheese and a big unsweet iced tea. I was never an iced tea fan until this year, but I wanted to cut back on my two-a-day caffeine habit, yet I'm manifestly incapable of driving thru Dunkins without getting a drink. So here we are. It's significantly ch... (...more)
emergency preparedeness kit posted: Mon 2012-04-02 07:42:20 tags: n/a
re: made in USA steel can opener I remember sparking the dinner-table conversation with Dad a long time ago, when I was young and naive, with the question: obviously everybody needs some basic tools and utensils, so why doesn't a consortium of manufacturers get together and hammer out standards for things that will last a lifetime? And Dad, being Dad, proposed planned obsolescence. Later I would have a parallel conversation with a workplace associate, regarding a line of PBX phones which are still in us... (...more)
session 94 posted: Mon 2012-04-02 02:41:47 tags: fitness
Sunday brunch: microwave burrito trio. Got to the gym around 5:45 or 6PM , and it was mostly empty -just like I like it. Not thrilled about their changing hours: opening 5AM instead of 6 weekdays, which does nothing for me, and closing 6PM intead of 8 weekends, which cramps my weekend style. They'll be open til 2 Easter Sunday. It was a bodybuilding session, 3 passes, with multiple sets punctuated by short breathers at most stations. Arm curl: 10x 30#, rest, repeat, rest repeat. 10-12x 70# row, 10-12x 3... (...more)
session 93: the extra mile posted: Sat 2012-03-31 15:52:58 tags: fitness
session 93: 4.4mi / ~60m. Half-lap warm-up, 2mi / 6.1mph, another lap (or two?) at 5.7, long cooldown which put me at 41m and seconds at 3.3mi, another stretch at speed, cooldown and finished with 2.5 laps at 6.5mph. Dinner: reprising the Subway $5 footlong of the month, tuna jalapeno (sans jalapeno... my sandwich artist claims people are "raving" about it, but it's very rare that I see anyone order jalapenos when I'm there, so I think they're just farting rainbows to revitalize a stagnant jalapeno mark... (...more)