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session 89 posted: Sat 2012-03-24 19:24:36 tags: fitness
I was on the fence about hitting the gym yesterday and when I realized I'd forgot my flip-flops, that clinched it. I was up somewhat late last night and didn't scrape myself out of bed until ~11 today. Brunch: microwave burrito trio. ~3PM I had the last Guinness Extra Stout, which, at 176 calories and a smidgen of protein, is arguably a healthier choice than these HFCS "nectars". After a nap I had a powersaucebar and some smilk and showered. It wasn't easy propelling myself to the gym today either,... (...more)
friday fooding posted: Fri 2012-03-23 10:26:41 tags: what I'm eating
Breakfast: 1 slice of pizza and a couple buffalo-dressed chicken nuggets (leaving 3 slices and 2 nuggets for dinner). Lunch: Sushi: 3pcs each sushi and sashimi (tuna, salmon and white fish), and spicy surime ("krab") salad over cucumber slices. That's gotta be a fair hunk of protein; my guesstimate is ~30-35g, based on a 5-oz can of tuna being 22g. Dinner: 3 slices to finish off the pizza and the last 2 chicken nuggets. Also, 12 oz of Guinness. I've got 1 more bottle, I'm gonna miss it when it's gone... (...more)
fat bag o dank? posted: Fri 2012-03-23 07:25:59 tags: dreams
Dreamed I was renting a ground-level room on a street where a bunch of my paternal cousins also lived, and my cousin Don arrived home on his motorcycle with an enormous baggie, must have been 2-4 gallons, full of adorable mint green buds. (Which is ironic, because I think of all my male cousins on that side, Don may be the least likely to bring home any quantity of buds.) How much of that can I get for a C-note? I thought about doubling my order but alas, there's bills to pay. Funny how precise your math c... (...more)
session 88 posted: Thu 2012-03-22 20:26:35 tags: fitness
Visited the AVDA thrift store on Rt 441 just south of Marina Blvd. I saw a Linksys WAP that I would have bought if it was priced, a couple nice glass cutting boards and a laptop bag ditto... in fact, an awful lot of stuff around the shop wasn't priced. But at least I know what kind of stuff they take: ANYTHING. Long-outdated MCSE study guides. Windows 98 install discs. An HP LaserJet 4 printer - production of these ended in the '90s. Clothes, of course, overwhelmingly women's and children's. Also, I think ... (...more)
session 87 posted: Wed 2012-03-21 13:21:20 tags: fitness
After doing some interweb research last night, I'm rethinking my weight-lifting strategy. Or re-committing to a slower, safer approach to that aspect of my exercising, anyway, because it's not like I've never thought about this before. I got into a bad habit of straining to do 6-12 reps at the highest movable weight level. And that's fine within a certain phase of training. However, for my age and level of fitness enthusiasm, it's unproductive and even dangerous to do that session after session. I shoul... (...more)