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mileage posted: Tue 2011-10-25 10:15:25 tags: fitness
Session #26 (yesterday, per twitter): 3.3mi / 48m and change. 3 laps! at a 4.7mph jog, a half lap at 7.0mph.

4.7mph is now my top-end power-walk, or a low-end easy jog pace. Feeling kind of frustrated that my session time bottomed out at 45m58s a month ago, and I haven't matched it since.

skatetable posted: Thu 2011-10-20 06:33:43 tags: dreams
long long dreams of bicycling or pushing/riding a wheeled little round table from new jersey to virginia, somehow recapitulating the f'burg/anniversary trip the skatetabling got a little hairy at the tunnels around baltimore it was my birthday and it snowed, what's up with all this snow, wait it was snowing earlier too, snow covering the big pine ringed with tulips in the backyard and flecking the soft spring green grass you gave me a towel with homer simpson and mr burns on it and a mix cd with r... (...more)
kerfluffle posted: Wed 2011-10-19 02:25:33 tags: n/a
Remember Mike Schuman? (How common is that name do you think?) Life took him from Clifton to U.Penn/Philly to Columbia University of NYC, to Forbes magazine, to WSJ, and now he's an Asia business correspondent for Time magazine. I happened to stumble across an online article with his byline, one containing the term "kerfuffle", and I said to myself... "Self," I said... seriously though, it had to be THAT Michael Schuman. The birthdate lines up, and the pic in his Time staff bio shows a face that's filled o... (...more)
mileage (x2) posted: Mon 2011-10-17 16:17:44 tags: fitness
Session #24 (Friday, Oct 14, per twitter): 3.3mi / 57m50s, peaking at 7.1mph

(today, per twitter) Session #25: 3.3mi / 57m12s, 3 laps at a sustained jog (~4.7mph)

AGAIN, that's supposed to be 47m and seconds each time... it's like a mental block

Gave Subway a miss for once, just laying low with some V8 and microwave burritos tonight.

bank shopping posted: Thu 2011-10-13 13:28:59 tags: TWFTR
Occupy Wall Street public opinion is up and rising; Tea Party public opinion is down and falling. This, despite mainstream media's best attempts to denigrate or just plain ignore OWS. The single most effective thing a consumer can do without actually grabbing a sign and occupying Wall Street or the financial districts of other cities, is to move your accounts to a credit union. If you're not eligible for a credit union then the next best thing is a small local or regional bank. If your bank took a TARP ... (...more)