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overlord friend cleanup posted: Wed 2012-02-01 12:00:21 tags: gaming, facebook
In early January of 2011 I started playing Night Owl Games' "Dungeon Overlord" on Facebook. Sometime in late November or early December, daily monster-feeding and continued dungeon development crossed some line from being fun to being a chore and a bore. I pretty much stopped playing at all by mid-December. Today I'm going through my "overlord" Facebook friend-list and unfriending my Overlord-only friends. That's about 60 people of some 880. I also burned out on Farmville around the New Year. Zynga's co... (...more)
mileage posted: Tue 2012-01-31 17:53:35 tags: fitness
session 63: 1 set on the machine circuit, and 3.3mi working on that edge of sustainability around 1-2 laps. leg curls: 20x 50# leg press: 20x 190# arm curls: 16x 30x overhead press: 12x 30# ab crunch: 18-20x 70# arm extension: 20x 50# chest press: 16?x 70#? A lap at 7.0mph is getting to be routine. 7.3mph was do-able for 3/4 of a lap, and as I told D.-, after 6.6mph for half a mile I felt like an aztec god. (A winded and overheated aztec god, but nonetheless.) Next week I'll probably be pushing... (...more)
pushup problems posted: Tue 2012-01-31 13:36:06 tags: fitness
Martin Cohen's The Marine Corps 3X Fitness Program describes 3 tests used to assess Corpsmembers' fitness: running, ab crunches, and pull ups (not push ups). Minimum male running performance in my age range is 3.0 miles in 30 minutes, i.e. 6mph; 45 crunches in 2 minutes; and 3 pull-ups or 15 seconds flexed-arm hang. My best running session to date is 3.3mi at 5.5mph, and a sustainable 6mph pace seems inevitable. I did 30 or 35 crunches before coffee this morning; probably not with good form, and I took ... (...more)
machine time posted: Mon 2012-01-30 16:49:38 tags: fitness
session 62: 3 sets on the cybex circuit, shooting for higher reps at lower weight settings. leg curl: 20x 50#. Started at 70# but I could feel right away that I wasn't going to make 20 reps of it. leg press: 16-20x 190# arm curl: Yeah, last session wasn't just a fluke; I started off the upper-body part of the routine at the arm curl station and even being fresh in the arms and shoulders, 50# was just not workable. So I dropped down to 30#, and even at that weight, I could feel 12 reps would only b... (...more)
Bruckner Sym. Nr. 8 posted: Sun 2012-01-29 13:48:06 tags: n/a
Damn, Bruckner. Long symphony is long.