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T3 attack force posted: Wed 2011-10-12 16:30:27 tags: dungeon overlord
I haven't tried this myself, so it's friend-of-a-friend info at best - but word has it a tier 3 NPC settlement can be taken with a force of 1x L10 Balrog, 2x L20 Dark Priestess, and a damage dealer force of 4x L80 Dark Elf and 4x, say, L80-100 Warlock. The Balrog should serve as a tank and the Dark Priestesses should pack enough healing power for everyone to make it out alive. If it works, I owe Tomek a resonance stone and a bounty of ashen stone and/or prismatic glass ^^ But it will be some weeks befor... (...more)
mileage posted: Tue 2011-10-11 17:26:18 tags: fitness
Session #23 (per twitter): ‎3.3mi / 48m40s. Part of me says it was an off day, but a month ago I wasn't peaking at 7.0mph or jogging 2 laps at a stretch. It was an "off" day in that I missed my best time by 2 minutes, and I can't even blame a late lunch or fighting off a cold or whatever. It was a satisfactory day in that I matched my best half-lap speed (7.0) for a half-lap and a little more, to show that I can; and put in 2 laps at a jog, again just to show that I can. Not long ago I couldn't do... (...more)
how to understand Eric Cantor posted: Fri 2011-10-07 13:14:25 tags: TWFTR
Some years ago I had the dubious honor of sitting in on a negotiation meeting between my main client, and his telephone service providers. My client did the vast majority of affiliate recruiting via a telemarketing "boiler room", and the bundling of leased lines for combined data and voice service was becoming mainstream. Anyway, the part that's relevant to Eric Cantor: this business owner had engaged a negotiator to negotiate a price structure. The meeting concluded with the negotiator claiming some compe... (...more)
mileage posted: Wed 2011-10-05 17:13:41 tags: fitness, what I'm eating
Session #22: 3.3mi / 47m09s; 4.12mi/60:00m, peaked at 7.0mph for a half-lap, and held out another 1.5 laps at a 5.4-5.6mph jog. After that, 1.5 laps was my limit in speed phases, but I feel like I had really good breath control. That burned ~500 calories. I was supposed to get groceries after the gym Monday, but I ended up not getting out. Ditto yesterday, and my cupboard was pretty bare... so I staved off hunger with V8 all day and broke into a can of salmon in the late evening. Vitamins and omega-3... (...more)
task minder pt. 3 posted: Wed 2011-10-05 12:11:15 tags: organization
OK, I gave TBird's Lightning extension the proverbial college try for firing task reminders. The problems I have with it are: - TBird uses ~80MB of memory idling, while TMR uses zero until Win Task Scheduler fires it; - sometimes it just stops firing reminders at all until I restart TBird; - some tasks show twice ("snoozed" occurrences of recurring tasks?); and - If you edit a task, it remains "open" but is dismissed from the reminder window without a snooze. So, Lightning's task minder isn't really... (...more)