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mileage posted: Wed 2012-02-15 18:14:51 tags: fitness
session 70: 1x cybex circuit, and 3.3mi in a bit under 41 minutes. leg curl: 10-12x 90x; 12x 70# leg press: 12x 230#; 16x 190# overhead press: 10-12x 70#; 10-12x 30# arm curl: 12x 50#; 6x 30#; 10x 10# one-handed each side ab crunch: 12x 110#; 12x 70# (90#?) arm extension: 10-12x 70#; more slow at 30# chest press: 6x 110# (new level!); 6x 90# That's right; I busted out a set at challenge weight levels on each machine, then I rested a minute and put in more reps at an easier weight setting. Super... (...more)
machine time posted: Mon 2012-02-13 16:49:39 tags: fitness
(per twitter) session 69: no treadmill, 3x cybex circuit, and I think I figured out how to dodge my rotator cuff issue on overhead press \o/ leg curl: 12x+ 70# leg press: 12x 210# is do-able fresh but by set 3 I backed off to 190 overhead press: 10-12x 70# arm curl: 8-10x 50# ab crunch: 12x 110# if I hang all over the armrest, 16x+ 70# arm extension: 10-12x 70# chest press: 12x+ 90# After reviewing a video of exercise for rotator cuff injury physical therapy, I had a much clearer idea of what m... (...more)
daylog posted: Sun 2012-02-12 14:08:07 tags: daylog
Woke ~11AM, probably because on a Sunday morning the neighborhood is a great deal quieter traffic-wise. Yesterday I determined that Walmart's "George" brand sizing of men's white button-down oxford shirts would suggest a size medium, but in Target's Merona I'd be better off with large, so of course Walmart had only L and Target only M. Not that I was going to pay $22 at Target for a $12 Walmart shirt. Anyway, I ran out to Walmart again today ~3:30 to see if their stock had changed. It hadn't. Apparently... (...more)
mileage posted: Sat 2012-02-11 16:25:32 tags: fitness
(per twitter) session 68: 2 sets on the cybex circuit (except overhead press which is hurting my shoulder again), + 3.3mi / 38m40s went to bed at a reasonable hour, woke a while between 4AM-5AM? rolled out of bed ~10:30, didn't really get my caffeine on until 11:30ish. Got out and about ~1:20 - Publecchs for a supply of Powerbars, Dunkins for coffee round 2, Lolmart to see if they had restocked white long-sleeve oxford button-down shirts in size medium (they hadn't), Target to price comparable shirts ($... (...more)
mileage posted: Fri 2012-02-10 18:56:20 tags: fitness
Last time I was in the gym was Monday, Tuesday I felt "springy", then Tuesday evening I got fixed up with in-house cable Internet and I've been luxuriating in that all week, after a month of leeching open access at mccafés and nakamals. Also, Wednesday night I must have slept funny because my neck and shoulders were stiff Thursday and still a little sore today. Creaky or not, session 67: 2 sets on the cybex circuit and 3.3mi / 44m40s. leg curl: 12-15x 70# leg press: 15-16x 210# overhead press: 12-1... (...more)