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tue - backup scare posted: Tue 2018-03-20 07:56:49 tags: tech
Mental Floss: What If? 19 alternate histories imagining a very different world Art of Manliness: How to Make Small Talk with Strangers Why would anyone want to do THAT? Well, turns out it's a highly rewarding pastime, because of sciencey reasons. * * * I discovered something scary about my backup set this morning: instead of encrypted zips of each file, there were EMPTY zips. 1Kb placeholders with no content (other than the zip header internals, presumably). I turned off the "Volume Shadow... (...more)
Emergency kit specifics posted: Mon 2018-03-19 10:53:41 tags: n/a
3-day supply of nonperishable food per person: Single-serve small cans or heat-sealed cups fruit: pineapple, peaches, cocktail, applesauce Canned chickpeas Canned tuna, salmon, kippered herring, deviled ham or chicken spread At least 1 open and 1 extra jar of peanut butter in rotation Ditto box crackers in rotation Ditto unsalted nuts (almonds, cashew, pistachio) Ditto airtight zip food storage bags (quart and gallon) Powdered or canned evaporated milk (not condensed), instant coffee, tea, cocoa C... (...more)
mon posted: Sun 2018-03-18 20:33:35 tags: books, time use
Clearly the NRA, as a gun industry lobby org, wants a nation flooded with guns because everybody wants a gun because everybody feels like guns are already everywhere and thinks they'll feel safer with a gun. The realities are: if you own a gun, the likelihood of fending off a gun-toting home invasion or foiling an armed robbery with your gun, is much less than the likelihood of injuring yourself or a loved one with your gun, or becoming a victim of gun theft, or having your gun snatched and used against y... (...more)
sun - librarianship posted: Sun 2018-03-18 08:17:28 tags: books
Bit the bullet and bought the ebook edition of Metamagical Themas. With that purchase, I had 85 ebooks on that vendor-specific platform. I also had a spreadsheet catalog list, untouched since July last year, of 76 titles, so updating to current wasn't a from-scratch chore at least. * * * Thinking about Dad's capacity to rant about how, for example, "Democans and Republicrats, they're all the same, all politicians are crooked", I just put my finger on my unease with that narrative. It's the monochrome, ... (...more)
sat posted: Sat 2018-03-17 16:09:41 tags: n/a
Perused job listings Springform pan for Miss Shredder for me The BH+G cookbook has not been hard to find in thrift shops, but mostly the 3-ring format and how do you know if that's been cannibalized? I don't want to discover in 6 months that 3 particularly interesting recipes are just missing. The Betty Crocker cookbook has been harder to find. So I added them (cheap used, paperback not binder formats) to my Amazon cart. My cart already held a two-pack of signal whistles and a two-pack of best-sell... (...more)