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fri - pillows, etouffee posted: Fri 2018-02-02 10:56:14 tags: shopping, recipes
Cary NCWorks office visit stalled Enabled file sharing from \\consuelo to \\dora Investments review Determined the IRA bank with the account-closure fee also doesn't play well with the credit union for the automated bank account linking process, necessitating mailing. No middle ground, no emailing completed forms. Shopped some more pillow suppliers. There's a new result sifting to the top of these searches, which I won't enable by repeating here but it's similar to "feather lo-cal bedding" and it's... (...more)
thu pt. 2 posted: Thu 2018-02-01 10:17:16 tags: n/a
I was never thrilled with the temporary moniker of \\codger for the newer (Dell Precision M4800 Win10) laptop, so yesterday I renamed it \\consuelo. With the dust mostly settled from moving, my next "me" projects are finishing transcription of old journals, scanning and cataloguing the growing pile of accessory documentation to keep the "docs box" under control. Called St. Paul's / Cary and spoke to Melanie to get an idea of attendance at their Sunday services: ~30 retirees at the 7:30a old-school (Rite... (...more)
thu pt 1 posted: Thu 2018-02-01 09:19:18 tags: gripes
It must be love, because I'm using my current-minus-one laptop, the Lenovo B50 with the slightly wonky right-click button and less-than-ergonomic built-in keyboard - instead of my current laptop. Because Miss is using the latter. Because she has things she nee~ee~eeds to do, but apparently these things are not quite important enough to stretch a little and make do with the older machine. Use of which, I'm demonstrating is quite possible if you're not a perfection-demanding stonewall tantrum-thrower. Also, ... (...more)
wed posted: Wed 2018-01-31 06:25:09 tags: n/a
swap 150W DR bulb with 90W run Nox 5-10 minutes and stash insurance ID card in glovebox sweep front outer hall and balcony hang spice rack accompany Miss to bank and PO Have I mentioned I require copious amounts of "me" time to process my thoughts, feelings, etc? Yes, of course I have. I have had precious little of that in the past 3 weeks or more. I am overdue and more than ready for a solid day between breakfast and dinner with zero external "honey-do's". To feel organized and on-top-of-things, I ... (...more)
tue posted: Tue 2018-01-30 18:10:06 tags: n/a
Raleigh is both the state capital and the county seat. Awoke before dawn to accompany Miss on her mission there. CFA for breakfast, Flying Burrito for lunch. 2 ReStores, a Goodwill, National Pawn, a couple little indie thrifts, another ReStore, and mailed out newsletters to fam at the Apex post office. Came home with a desk chair to offset the one Miss has appropriated from its intended spot, a pint of white paint, a 90W bulb to tone down from the 150W in the DR, a few cookbooks (GH, Joy of Cooking and Sou... (...more)