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mileage posted: Sat 2011-12-17 10:14:44 tags: fitness
session #48: 3.3mi / 41m28s. 1mi at 5.7mph (best 1-mile speed yet), recover, 1 mile, recover, and finish at speed. Upper-body machine work was pretty much the same as last night, although this time I started with my troublesome overhead press, so I managed an initial set of 11 reps at 50#. Yeah, not the whole 12, but I was only doing 30# when I added the Cybex equipment to the routine so it's all good. Lunch: Subway footlong omelette. For a while they were good about letting me substitute turkey for ... (...more)
mileage posted: Fri 2011-12-16 17:40:02 tags: fitness
session #47: initial sets on upper-body machines: ~10 reps @ 70# / chest press (that's new) 12 reps @ 70# / ab crunch (that's not) 10 reps @ 50# / overhead press 12 reps @ 50# / arm extensions - may graduate to 70# soon 10 reps @ 50# / arm curls (v.hard at the end) On the second set (and third if I'm feeling it), I lose a few reps, and finish out the set with another 6 reps at one weight plate lighter. The chest press seems too easy; I feel like I must be doing something wrong if I'm dogging 50# on... (...more)
mileage and housing drama posted: Wed 2011-12-14 13:28:44 tags: fitness, housematehorror
(Sunday, per twitter) session #45: 3.3mi / 40m50s - best time by 75 sec. Aside from a half-lap warm-up, jogged it all at 5.0mph. So yes, now I can JOG a 5K! Sunday night the landlord's drunken belligerence with other tenants passed some tipping point, cops were called, I was dragged into it unnecessarily, landlord was Baker Act'ed for a couple days. I was preparing to be gone by the time he got out - got a good deal on a half-height storage unit, moved enough stuff into it Monday to be able to move the... (...more)
teh hungrehs posted: Sat 2011-12-10 17:34:20 tags: what I'm eating
Yesterday was supposed to be a "gym day" - I went Sunday, normal off-day Monday, under the weather Tuesday, best 3.3mi time yet Wednesday, normal off-day Thursday. Thursday through today have been a nagging solid wall of low atmospheric pressure, and combined with the short days and my usual pattern of holiday anxiety, I've been dragging ass. So yesterday I managed to make an oil change appointment for Monday, and while I was there, inquire about the cost of repairing the Lancer's passenger-side window ... (...more)
venue subsystem rollout posted: Thu 2011-12-08 16:11:34 tags: work
Today I finished debugging a new part of this customer-service app in MS Access 2000. Basically the idea is, we have a table that stores affiliate data, one record per affiliate; each affiliate may be associated with one or more venues; and at each venue they may have scheduled some number of seminar event dates. So in relational-database terms, we added a table to represent venues, each keyed to an affiliate; and a table to represent seminar event dates, each event keyed to a venue (and thereby implici... (...more)