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mileage posted: Fri 2011-08-05 12:32:34 tags: fitness
3.3mi in ~52.5 minutes (down 1.5m), full lap at 4.8mph on lap 2, 3 more half-lap bursts, one peaking at 4.9mph (up .2). Around lap 10 or 12, I pushed too early into jog mode, and after only about a quarter-lap I knew a half-lap would leave me gasping and overheating, so I dropped back to a 4.1mph power-walk pace rather than collapse all the way back to my mid-range 3.7mph pace. I would have liked to say to the second how long that 3.3mi took, but as I was nearig the "finish line" somebody's unattended 6... (...more)
gimme a "U" posted: Wed 2011-08-03 17:48:43 tags: unnamed blog project
I've had some errors, typographical and formatting/styling and factual, creeping in all along, so today I stretched out in bed all day with my lappy and reworked the unnamed blog engine to include entry-revision functionality. En route I learned a number of things, including some finer points of CSS selector precedence and a bit more about PHP's MySQL functions. I'm not sure exactly what I learned about stateful app design using session variables in PHP, but something wasn't behaving as expected, and I ... (...more)
id vs. class posted: Wed 2011-08-03 10:09:53 tags: n/a
Note to self, style specs attached to CSS ID selectors take precedence over specs attached to CLASS. That makes sense, since semantically, you might have any number of elements inheriting style from a given class, but there shouldn't be multiple elements on a page inheriting from a single ID, right? Except if you assign an ID to a container, elements within that container inherit any element-specific styles attached to that ID. For example, you decide to have a DIV id="content", not unreasonably, becaus... (...more)
mileage posted: Tue 2011-08-02 17:12:40 tags: fitness
yay, my first lost post on this home-grown blog software... no idea what happened, probably an SQL issue 3.3mi in 54 minutes (down 1m), first burst on lap 3 or 4 was a full lap (previously limited to half-lap bursts), and 3 or 4 bursts total, peaking at 4.7mph (up .1mph). 4.2mph is about where I have to break from a fast walk into a jog, but up to 4.7ish it's an awkward short-strided jog; or else at a comfortable stride, I feel like I'm jogging in a weird slow-mo. So I think it's not going to be long... (...more)
what's "right"? (b) posted: Mon 2011-08-01 23:09:12 tags: TWFTR
The terms "right wing" and "left wing" come to us from the eve of France's Revolutionary era, and refer to the gathering of aristocrats aligned with Crown and Church on the right-hand side, and revolutionaries on the left-hand side of the National Assembly under King Louis XVI. Louis wasn't such a bad guy really, but he was a weak and ineffectual King and did little to rein in the excesses and brutality of the aristocracy, most infamously exemplified by that iconic libertine debaucher, the Marquis de Sa... (...more)