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mileage posted: Thu 2011-07-28 15:36:29 tags: fitness
3.3mi / 55 minutes (seems to be my standard), mixed in a little more jogging than usual, peaked at a new high of 4.6mph for a half-lap after the 2.5mile mark.
dreamed posted: Thu 2011-07-28 06:38:47 tags: dreams
Dreamed I was in grammar school (Clifton PS 8), but all my friends and I were our real ages. I had to catch the bus at the end of the day, but at every step I was forgetting my laptop, desktop, or bookbag. When I got outside it was raining and I had to run back up to the classroom for my umbrella. On teh way back down I called a teacher Dr. Ruth but on second glance she didn't look anything like Dr. Ruth. By the time I got back outside with my umbrella it wasn't raining, merely overcast but dry. Walking an... (...more)

Arch fiend Abaddon

Gothmog, after one of the few Balrogs named in The Silmarillion

facebook ad fail posted: Wed 2011-07-20 16:04:37 tags: n/a

reeeeal professional guys lol
is DRINKING posted: Wed 2011-07-20 15:31:59 tags: booze
had to say it sooner or later