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mileage posted: Wed 2011-09-28 20:59:44 tags: fitness
Session #20 (if you count the Towson U. 5K as session #19): (per Twitter) 3.3mi / 45m58s. I've got my sights set on 3.3mi/45m, which demands a 4.4mph average pace. I don't really know how I'm going to manage that; it doesn't afford me much recovery-pace time and a 4.2mph power-walk pace is not a recovery pace. So I might need to back off from the intermediate power-walk pace and slow down as low as 3.5-3.7mph for a full recovery lap between jogs. A little wheezy due to allergies and/or my immune system ... (...more)
task minders posted: Wed 2011-09-28 20:40:35 tags: organization
For the past couple years I've been using Phatsoft TMR, a little Windows utility that leverages the Windows Task Scheduler to pop up notifications at a specified time. It does what it does very neatly, and by dicking with tasks at the Task Scheduler level I can create notifications that fire daily but which can be postponed to re-remind me if I can't do whatever daily thing right that moment. The only thing I could ask for more, is if it also had some sort of interface to show a complete list of pending no... (...more)
a fortune lost posted: Wed 2011-09-28 13:13:38 tags: n/a
woah, 10 days since I last updated? There goes my google relevancy ranking! I really need things to fall into place so I can get out of here. It kills me to have such sparse face time with Danielle, and saving up, shopping and logistics of flying up to visit makes me an anxious nut. Thursday I made it to the airport in fair time to get through security. The girl in line behind me seemed to want to strike up a conversation, but we just didn't have a whole lot to say beyond where were going. They weren... (...more)
New window = homepage for Opera 11 posted: Sun 2011-09-18 14:58:18 tags: opera, dungeon overlord
Dungeon Overlord on Facebook has been in beta for a bit over 9 months now. Much has improved, but some things still suck. Most notably, it leaks memory. Also, often for no apparent reason it just crawls or halts, and of course the containing browser window effectively bogs down or freezes up as well. This might or might not be tied to something marginal in Facebook, or on the app server side. It's really bad in Chrome, but Chrome is nice about running the Flash app in its own process so (using Process E... (...more)
calisthenics posted: Sat 2011-09-17 18:08:16 tags: fitness
I think it's easiest to get started when I start with crunches.
20 crunches + 12 bicycle crunches each side
20 calf raises
20 squats
_ wall pushups