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the island and the porn studio posted: Sun 2011-09-04 05:46:04 tags: dreams
We arrive to the tune of "Man" off the Dr. Calculus "Designer Beatnik" album. (A strange auditory imagining, since I didn't fall asleep to music.) The island is populated with a dozen or so stranded survivors, they have built a ranch-style house and forage and farm. In places, the geographical seams of the island swallow the sand and spit back freshwater springs. Some of these springs blow hot and cold. Some of these springs take mysteriously accurate aim at those who approach too closely, chasing them unt... (...more)
Booting up a running routine was pretty simple: get on the treadmill, warm up, find comfortable-stride speeds at walking, power-walk, jog and running paces, and then find the speeds that I can sustain for measured bursts, in terms of leg and cardiopulmonary endurance. In subsequent sessions, push those limits: Lengthen my stride a little. Run a little faster. Run a little longer. Trim the recovery phases. Fiddle with grades. Bootstrapping a program of spot-training specific muscle groups has been less s... (...more)
money and sex posted: Sat 2011-09-03 06:57:43 tags: dreams
dream 1, I went to pay for something and had no cash and my debit card was declined. dream 3, I was at a meetup sort of party around DC and one of the women (shades of dreamwings or garon or nurse girl) was way too interested in how easy it is to get a couple call girls in the cities. I know THAT you can, I don't know WHERE you can; I know that calls are made, I don't know to whom. We may have shaded there by way of dream 2, in which we had a cavernous office suite, all variously carpeted but parts also... (...more)
Notepad++ replace (with) line-break posted: Fri 2011-09-02 09:50:01 tags: npp, work
Fell in love with Notepad++ almost immediately when we met, but with so much power there's always bound to be something that falls short of total intuitivity. In today's instance, we had a block of comma-separated list elements with no line breaks, and we wanted to replace each comma with a comma and a line-break. Assuming a Windows environment, where the conventional line-break is actually two control characters in sequence: carriage-return (CR) and linefeed (LF), well-known to programmers as "CRLF". W... (...more)
mileage posted: Thu 2011-09-01 07:34:06 tags: fitness
Phosphoros ate last night's update, so here's teh gist:
Session 12, 3.3mi in ~50m30s, peaking at 6.3mph? 1.5 laps at ~4.8mph; one lap half at ~5.7-5.8, then easing off to finish the second half at 4.7-4.8.

2 years ago, the day "the girls" and I moved from Three Lakes Circle to Park Place, I weighed in at 168-170#. I know when I visited Danielle last winter I weighed in the 190s, don't think I tipped over to 200 but I think it was close.