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what's wrong with my rss? posted: Tue 2011-08-30 14:16:48 tags: phosphoros
1.) Browse to with Safari 2.) Click the RSS icon in the address bar 3.) Note how only one entry (truncated to 100 characters by design) appears in the feed. 4.) Browse to the How Babby is Formed blog and click the Safari address bar's RSS icon. 5.) Note how the Safari feed contains more than one item, and not trunc'ed. Hrm. Also, I thought through my tag-data management strategy pretty thoroughly, so now that I'm starting to get interested in aggregate tag analysis it'd be nice to actua... (...more)
chunking big lists in ACC2K, revisited posted: Tue 2011-08-30 09:49:55 tags: database
As previously noted, Access 2000's TOP clause is the cognate of MySQL's LIMIT clause. Now let's say, having selected and contacted the first 1000 contacts from a big table, you want to isolate the next block of 1000 contacts. The way not to accomplish this, is construct a query like SELECT email FROM contacts WHERE email NOT IN (    SELECT TOP 1000 email FROM contacts ) The NOT IN clause is just horribly inefficient and slow. If you're picking the TOP 1000 records, and your list... (...more)
Serpentine Fire posted: Tue 2011-08-30 08:52:49 tags: music
terminology II posted: Mon 2011-08-29 11:36:38 tags: TWFTR
In my entry on biblical liberalism I found myself referring to "liberals" and "conservatives" in "quotes" constantly. According to, being ideologically "liberal" means being receptive to new ideas and uninvested in traditional values. By contrast then, conservatism would be resistance to new ideas and adherance to traditional values. The difficulty arises when we have to ask "which values? whose traditions?" E.g., current "conservatism" in America is not interested in defending the status... (...more)
Biblical liberalism posted: Sun 2011-08-28 17:19:54 tags: ministry, TWFTR
Last Sunday there was a mildly awkward incident where I posted a pair of Bible quotes to kick off my "Jesus Loves Liberals" series on my FB wall, and some right-wing sheep from my Castle Age network popped in to respond with ...what I guess he thought was a counter-sermon about doing pretty much anything else with your money besides helping the poor. I guess he thought I was making a case for welfare, which ironically wasn't even my intent, but that's where the ensuing commentary went. Actually, the passag... (...more)