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mileage and more training posted: Wed 2011-08-17 21:02:57 tags: fitness
Session 9: 3.3mi in 50 minutes (3.96mph), new peak of 5.5mph for a half-lap, at least 1 full lap at 4.8mph. I was so pleased I broke the 50-minute 5K barrier, but actually, I broke that barrier already on some previous session, because I standardized on a 3.3mi workout but 5K is only 3.1mi. The gym was a little on the undercooled side for my taste. I don't remember for certain, because all this running and overheating my brain has melted the myelin on a few axons, but I think my choice of distance was b... (...more)
mileage posted: Mon 2011-08-15 17:10:13 tags: fitness
(per twitter) 3.3mi, 52min. Feeling off-peak and maxed at 5.0mph, played around a little with grades, longest jog phase 1.25 laps at 4.8mph. I dug back thru my FB wall to review from where I started training. Silly me, it would have been a lot easier to dig back thru Twitter - much less clutter, and the bulk of my recent tweets are my treadmill log. Anyway, it was June 21, 3.5mi in ~1 hour. Session 2, Jun 29, peak at 4.2mph. Session 3, Jul 12, peak at 4.4mph. Session 4, Aug 2, peak at 4.7mph. Sess... (...more)
mileage posted: Fri 2011-08-12 17:50:59 tags: fitness
(per twitter) 3.3 mi in 51min. TWO full-lap jogs, other half-lap-plus stretches up to 5.3mph peak. Calves and thighs starting to need overtraining.
Phosphoros pre-v1.0 cleanup, round 1 posted: Fri 2011-08-12 11:53:11 tags: phosphoros
The "latest" view now truncates long entries at half a kilobyte (after stripping tags). Disentangled the blog engine's INCLUDE heirarchy from the overall site design, relocated the "controller" into the app directory, and replaced hard-coded path and file references with centrally-configured variables. The goal is to be able to rename the app's directory, move it up or down a level, even put a container+configuration module pair somewhere else in the site file structure, and have it serve seamlessly wit... (...more)
tags (3a) posted: Wed 2011-08-10 21:04:25 tags: phosphoros
So if we're going to do this join table connecting entries to tags, there are 5 places we need to add code to interact with the entry-tag table: Once in each of the 4 phases of the entry "life cycle" (Create, Read, Update, Delete), and once more in a catch-all category we'll call "maintenance". Depending how rigorously we design the database back-end, maintenance as such may be superfluous, but in this application there's one situation where we may reasonably want an additional "tag maintenance" functi... (...more)