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thu posted: Thu 2018-02-22 07:59:11 tags: n/a
Tried to get into my Mega cloud storage via the website yesterday, but the page hung on "retrieving account information". 50GB free storage doesn't do me much good if the garage door takes hours to open. Left it overnight to log in, and managed to update my sync settings and refresh my memory about effective configuration. The desktop / tray utility is probably the easiest way to routinize the cloud leg of a backup strategy. Syncing a local folder to the cloud drive root is definitely to be avoided. I need... (...more)
wed posted: Wed 2018-02-21 00:24:29 tags: n/a
Wasn't sleepy at bedtime so I weeded my passwords file. Waited til ~noon for Emmett (?) to call to say he was otw to pick up his tool bag Expected the bed store to call with an update on our order Ran out for mail, groceries, got back before Emmett (?) called anyway rcvd voter ID Paid internet bill. Tried to pay electric bill; provider's website is verkakte today. Went offline in the middle of creating new security credentials. Check for grocery chain openings... nothing critical or corporate ... (...more)
wed posted: Wed 2018-02-21 00:20:41 tags: n/a
Wasn't sleepy at bedtime so I weeded my passwords file.

tue posted: Tue 2018-02-20 06:25:12 tags: n/a
Thinking about biz cards, I googled for articles about good business card fonts. This article is where I lit on Trajan. This brought me back to something I'd encountered before and resurfaced when I started using my current lappy, where the breve caron over (Unicode 461) the first "A" in "Ǎḇaddōn Ātmān" (my Castle Age character name) is offset, at least in the Verdana font that Castle Age renders it. I thought I vaguely remembered busting the installed font on the old machine from 64-bit back to... (...more)
mon posted: Mon 2018-02-19 06:59:09 tags: n/a
Woke feeling springy/stretchy, maybe from the nice walking exercise yesterday. Today's Bookbub bargain alert email included Heinlein's "Friday". I received a copy of "Friday" as a teen. It was first published in hardcover in 1982, and my copy was paperback so I must have been 14 or 15. As a "Grand Master", Heinlein is credited with advancing the maturity of the sci-fi genre beyond adventure stories for 12-year-olds. At least as far back as his 1961 "Stranger in a Strange Land", his work reimagined sexua... (...more)