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tue posted: Tue 2018-03-06 11:00:57 tags: finance
Spent some time deciding how to allocate cash sitting in investment accounts. In the past month, markets dipped significantly and then bounced back a little, rather than sliding yet more, so I felt it was time to buy in on a couple favorites at discount rather than keep holding my breath. I also rediscovered ETFDB's handy pages that call out various brokerage's commission-free ETF lists and let you sort by 1-year dividend return. Commish-free ETF dividend returns are nowhere close to the growth I've seen i... (...more)
mon posted: Mon 2018-03-05 09:33:48 tags: gardening
~7:30am Miss Cupcake was restless, but not getting up, but I wanted to snooze a bit longer, but her sighing and sniffling and fidgeting with her phone make that unlikely. When I'm not feeling sleepy then I leave the bedroom so as not to disturb her sleep. The situation has improved in the year-and-some since we cohabited, but it's still not a consistently two-way courtesy. So despite the unfairness I feel about it, rather than repeat myself yet again, I took my pillow and a spare blanket to the master bedr... (...more)
sun posted: Sun 2018-03-04 08:29:35 tags: n/a
Fri the internets went out a bit before 9am, probably related to regional storm-class winds. We got service back by 5 but the day was pretty much shot for anything worky. Sat we visited the historic Yates Mill park and took some pics. Stopping en route for brisket bbq sammiches, we headed to the Neuse River Greenway Trail parking at Poole Rd. That was a nice approx 2-mile walk, and I also climbed down to the river and explored onto the rocks that extend halfway into the river between Jeffrey and Woodard St... (...more)
thu posted: Thu 2018-03-01 10:38:52 tags: n/a
Nagging counterproductive? it's human nature * * * A distinct emergency fund: it's a smart thing to have. Reading up on how much money to keep readily-accessible in an emergency fund, we hear figures like "$10,000" or "3 to 6 months expenses" or even "3 to 6 months salary". Liquidity doesn't mean you have to let it rot in checking, losing full ground to inflation, though. My credit union "share" account returns only .05% APY, i.e. every $1000 earns 50 cents per year. This may as well be nothing. In... (...more)
wed posted: Wed 2018-02-28 14:58:11 tags: n/a
stripped pillowcases watered Zena cycled dishcloth and drying mat Met Fr. David for lunch at Ugly Mug / Garner farmer's market for eggs Got my taxes figured. So, at the end of 2016 I knew I would have a stipend from work to help pay for an ACA plan in 2017, so I decided to step up from 2016's "bronze" plan choice to "silver", because it would dramatically mitigate emergency room costs in that unlikely event. But then inheriting a share of Mom's tax-deferred assets put the inheritors on the hook ... (...more)