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mon posted: Mon 2018-11-05 08:07:56 tags: n/a
I backed off a lot on estate, wedding and financial plan work last week and I feel a bit recharged. Which is fortunate because now I have a scary pile of stuff to process.

Our household is off-kilter until we get someone to take away the old recliner/loveseat, because we need that space for the TV. Leaving aside judgments of whether it's "healthy" or whatever that the TV is the focus of the livingroom... the practical reality is that without the TV, we simply don't gravitate to the LR.

sun posted: Sun 2018-11-04 06:41:17 tags: n/a
My far-right-wing cousin's vile hate-spew troubles me so much that I can't help but try to engage, but I don't think there's a way to really get them thinking without stooping to the same black-and-white shit-splatter. Abortion isn't a "democrat" pastime. Republicans buy their mistresses abortions too (when they're not cavorting with rentboys, who of course have the advantage of never needing abortions). You oppose abortion? Then stop trumpeting the patriarchist narratives that lead to unwanted pregnancy, ... (...more)
time sinks posted: Fri 2018-11-02 09:00:13 tags: n/a
I stopped playing Cookie Clicker for quite a while. In April it added a gardening minigame that triggered memories of FFXI's gardening and I guess that jarred me to a consciousness of what a meaningless time sink FFXI was. I picked it up again a few weeks back and got a lot closer to "complete", and then Orteil added a new building type (fractal engine). But that didn't change much, I was still very close to "finished" and conscious of the meaninglessness of it all.

fri posted: Fri 2018-11-02 05:57:59 tags: n/a
Voted early on my lunch break yesterday Made ~3lbs of boneless pork shoulder, ribs-style last night. It was fattier than the cuts we were used to. I amplified the marinade recipe but some things dind't scale 150% exactly: ergo 4 tbsp brown sugar (not 4.5); 2 tbsp coco aminos + 1 tbsp low-sodium soy sauce; 2 tsp blackening seasoning (not 1.5) and 1 tsp mustard powder (not .75). Miss complained about feeling like "we're in a rut" last night. I feel on-edge every time I hear this conversation-opener. ... (...more)
wed posted: Wed 2018-10-31 05:02:11 tags: n/a
I was hesitant to proceed with benefit claims for tax reasons but I think I know how to move forward now.