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backup strat redux posted: Wed 2012-10-24 09:34:54 tags: tech, backups
Wouldn't it be great if running a full file repository backup took zero time and less space? Then we could just snapshot the whole data repository daily. (If it's critical that your data be recoverable faster than daily, then you probably need to start thinking of investment in a RAID-mirroring platform, or a continuous journalling system.) If we could snapshot the whole repository daily then in the event of total server failure, we could just copy the most recent backup onto a live stand-in server. Or ... (...more)
backups refined posted: Mon 2012-08-20 07:23:10 tags: tech, backups
Someday Mozilla will finish wanking over features of dubious utility, and develop reliable profile backup/restore from within Thunderbird. Until then, we have MozBackup. MozBackup can (and probably should) take a configuration file parameter at the command line. Its file format is basically ZIP, ergo it can encrypt archives. However, if you want unattended backup you'd have to store the password in plain text in the config file, and plaintext passwords make babby Jesus cry. So I run a batch file to call Mo... (...more)
backups posted: Fri 2012-08-03 06:14:01 tags: tech, backups
Nearly breaking my lappy was as scary as it should be. So I got re-acquainted with TrueCrypt and Cobian, now at v11 ("Gravity"). I'd been kind of concerned about running down my thumbdrive capacity life with overwriting the whole volume each backup, but judging by the 11-minute backup time for about 1.5GB of data to a 60GB drive, apparently TrueCrypt doesn't work that way. So, that's good. I also ironed out automation for backup to a file volume on another external drive. That ran even faster, like, in ... (...more)