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wed posted: Wed 2018-09-26 11:14:29 tags: bodines
Lost a couple hours sleep in the wee hours yesterday morning, so I was overtired at work and by the time I got home I was ready to open my last prezzies and enjoy a nice dinner with Miss and play with my Cookie Clicker garden til bedtime. Won $4 on a gift lottery ticket. Honey-ginger salmon, green beans, and spicy veggie app assortment (wood ear shrooms, zucchini and seaweed) from Szechuan Taste Apothic Dark red blend = win Called the detective to arrange to retrieve personal effects and confirm t... (...more)
mon posted: Mon 2015-04-06 11:35:46 tags: bodines, 2002
My organizing spree ate up a lot of time this weekend, but the weekend is not over yet. And as of 10AM I had a significant amount of stuff that still needed to get unpacked from boxes, and significant space still available in lockers. While I wasn't looking, MillerCoors' "Steel Reserve" division made its entry into the alcopop market with its "Alloy series". I sampled the "Margarita" flavor, which weighs in at 8% ABV and $4.99 regularly ($3.99 on sale) per 4-pack of pints, for a very respectable bodine ... (...more)
chickpea pancakes alpha 3 posted: Fri 2013-06-21 20:24:23 tags: bodines, what I'm eating
I admit, I'm a box wine convert. Thought I was picking up a 3L box of Franzia merlot, didn't realize til I got it home that I'd grabbed a box of burgundy instead. ~$2 more, rather nicer for what it is than their merlot... but I don't buy box wine for teh flava. If that was what the hokey pokey was all about at this stage of my life, I'd roll with Sutter Home, Barefoot or higher-brow wineries. Remaining weekend budget went to a six of Woodchuck Dark and Dry 802. Still had a cup of blenderized chickpeas l... (...more)
l'pubilx gourmandaise revieauxes posted: Sat 2013-05-11 16:27:04 tags: what I'm eating, bodines
I know I spelled out the definition of bodine value back on my LJ, but apparently never here on Phosphoros. Without further ado: volume in ml * ABV% / dollar cost = bodine value It can be restated for slackjawed morons more accessibly thus: milliliters of pure grain alcohol per dollar. Bigger bodine value is better, for all drunkening purposes. Math nerds will be quick to notice that division by zero, as in "free beer", yields infinite bodine value. With that introduction, a frank discussion about ... (...more)
daylog posted: Sun 2012-12-23 05:07:45 tags: daylogs, fitness, bodines
C. Cali recommended some goa / psychedelic trance musics ("psy-goa"), starting with Fractal Glider, and from there I wandered over to's goa channel. It's nice but it all becomes very same-y after a while. Which can also be said of gabber, admittedly. I like the tempos, and light themes compared to gabber's strong tendency toward the dark and heavy. I found (or perhaps a since-defunct internets radio station) back in my Pepto Bismol Palace days. (Hard to think how much time has slipped past ... (...more)