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fri - sugar and Feeling Good posted: Fri 2018-03-23 08:11:53 tags: books, movies
Watched "That Sugar Film" a couple nights ago. The single most important take-away, for me, was that "all sugar calories are not the same". Specifically, fructose does NOT metabolize the same as glucose. Fructose is primarily metabolized IN the liver, for glycogen supply IN the liver and triglyceride synthesis. High triglyceride level is linked to arteriosclerosis. Glucose, on the other hand, is forwarded largely intact from the liver to the bloodstream, and ends up as ATP, the energy storage medium of ... (...more)
mon posted: Sun 2018-03-18 20:33:35 tags: books, time use
Clearly the NRA, as a gun industry lobby org, wants a nation flooded with guns because everybody wants a gun because everybody feels like guns are already everywhere and thinks they'll feel safer with a gun. The realities are: if you own a gun, the likelihood of fending off a gun-toting home invasion or foiling an armed robbery with your gun, is much less than the likelihood of injuring yourself or a loved one with your gun, or becoming a victim of gun theft, or having your gun snatched and used against y... (...more)
sun - librarianship posted: Sun 2018-03-18 08:17:28 tags: books
Bit the bullet and bought the ebook edition of Metamagical Themas. With that purchase, I had 85 ebooks on that vendor-specific platform. I also had a spreadsheet catalog list, untouched since July last year, of 76 titles, so updating to current wasn't a from-scratch chore at least. * * * Thinking about Dad's capacity to rant about how, for example, "Democans and Republicrats, they're all the same, all politicians are crooked", I just put my finger on my unease with that narrative. It's the monochrome, ... (...more)
Gottman's book is definitely worth an in-depth read, so I don't feel like I'm giving away the store by repeating the titular 7 principles. (They're already revealed in the Wikipedia article anyway.) 1 Enhancing love maps 2 Nurturing fondness and admiration 3 Turning toward each other 4 Accepting influence 5 Solving solvable problems 6 Overcoming gridlock 7 Creating shared meaning ... (...more)
wed- 1st day home posted: Wed 2017-10-04 07:34:57 tags: healing, books
The rule of thumb for sign legibility is 1" character height = 40' visibility, i.e. 3" high lettering is legible up to 120'. Sans-serif fonts are more legible and most popular street / facility signage fonts are Helvetica, Frutiger, and Clearview. source: Mental Floss We got in around midnight last night (as evidenced by the "your Lyft driver is here" text at 11:45) and didn't wind down to sleep until after 1. Slept in til after 9. Unpacked, updated accounts registers and here I am. I finished 2 ... (...more)