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sat - primary ballot review posted: Sat 2018-05-05 08:30:13 tags: citizenship
q.v. 2018 NC Dem primary sample ballot Ballotpedia: NC 4th congressional district Michelle Laws - For a PhD in social science, I wasn't impressed with her website composition. And after so much said about boldness and vociferation, her policy positions are unspecific. "Unbought and unbossed" is great, but the continual hammering of religious identity over policy specifics makes me question Laws's priorities with regard to reproductive choice or cannabis decriminalization, for example. Third pick. Davi... (...more)
fri posted: Fri 2018-02-16 08:04:08 tags: citizenship, faith
Crystallized and committed plans to visit DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival Finished yesterday's overview of elected representatives: House rep (NC 4th congressional district) and senators in DC Governor, state assemblyman (district 11) and state senator (district 17) County board of commissioners (district 4) Mayor and city town council Wikipedia: Cary NC Wikipedia: Episcopal Diocese of NC Poring over Episcopal entity filings with the Secretary of State ( business registration search... (...more)