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tuesday...LOG... posted: Tue 2014-05-27 11:09:26 tags: daylogs
It's a bit bizarre that over 9000 years later I'm still branding miscellaneous day-to-day blawg chatter as "daylogs", isn't it. I'm not really as hung up on That Site as this habit might suggest. But I suppose it is nevertheless high time to find some more meaningul way to tag miscellaneous day-to-day blawg chatter. Or perhaps the truly sane thing to do would be not tag it at all. I carried the term forward into... LJ first, I guess, as a tongue-in-cheek thing from the get-go. 2nd beach baptism pics... (...more)
soy un daylog posted: Wed 2014-05-21 14:36:37 tags: daylogs
By the time I got home TUE it was too late to start a load of laundry because it wouldn't finish by 9PM, which is my cutoff in respect of good-neighborliness. Pajama party conspicuous by its absence. I think breakfast was protein shake. Turned the remaining 2 cups bean pureé into hummus. Plopped half that onto super spinach salad with half a 7.5oz can of salmon. After 2 long days I rebounded and didn't get out until 3ish. Changed out the bust headlight before Bible study. Discovered the retaining ring h... (...more)
tuesdaylog posted: Tue 2014-05-20 05:51:49 tags: daylogs
Since I got warned again for my headlight outage mid-last-week, we've taken to using L.-'s car after dark. Sunday night after evening mass we did Tijuana Flats for dindins. Pajama party into Monday and I availed myself of 2 macmuffans for breakfast (36g @ 18g/300kcal = .6000 index). This could be a workable habit if they didn't cost $3.50 ea, or $140/mo in macmuffans alone. Full day at teh office, no lunch, 3.3mi/46:25 run after work, crab-stuffed sole filets and stuft potatoes and māche salad for dindi... (...more)
Which seat can I take? posted: Fri 2014-05-16 07:22:57 tags: daylogs
Fell asleep ~6:30-8:30pm last night, woke and opened the big tub of full-fat plain yogurt, internetted til somewhat late (1:30?) and had no trouble falling asleep until morning again. Side effect of yesterday's hard run. Long ago before I shelved my dream of novel-writing, I worked up a story title, "The [maybe "A"] Connoisseur of Requiems". I barely remember anything more about that story. At some point in my E2 fan period I nodeshelled "a requiem for angels and dogs", perhaps a conscious play on that ... (...more)
thursday (all day) posted: Thu 2014-05-15 10:43:50 tags: daylogs
Brunch yesterday was 2 cups of black+pinto bean paste base plus the fixings to turn it into a coarse hummus, so call it 2.5 cups complete. I scooped it up with 2 Pubilx bolillos rolls. That was not easy digesting, because I didn't really chew the bread and wow, that's a lot of beans to process. But they were well-washed and did not make me particularly flatulent either. So yay for me. And my butt. Pajama party led to time stress this morning. Hit the treadmill en route back to Casa Cascade for an excell... (...more)