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thu posted: Thu 2018-07-05 10:35:15 tags: diet
A quick refresher course in Wendy's nutrition: Dave's Double:810 kcal, 49g protein. Double stack: 390 kcal, 25g protein. Chx nuggets (10): 420 kcal, 22g protein

Semiannual housekeep: Changed electric toothbrush head. Wonder where i stashed brita filters? What else?

thu posted: Thu 2018-04-05 08:59:12 tags: diet, movies
Protein choices blog: Stonyfield whole milk greek yogurt Strawberry: 12g protein / 150 kcal = .0800 protein index Plain: 15g protein / 120 kcal = .1167 p.index Been plowing through a lot of movies, between Monk episodes, via Prime lately. Last night it was Greenfingers (2000). Before that in most recent memory were Moonlight (2016) and Thanks for Sharing (2012). Moonlight was an OK story, heartwrenching at times but I kind of felt like Chiron's transformation to thug was disjointed and non-credible.... (...more)
mon posted: Mon 2016-10-24 09:37:54 tags: diet
After all the internal processing Sat-Sun, the 4th Sunday feeding event was almost blasť. Rote and automatic is good, frees up mental energy to appreciate and connect. Next month, 4th Sun will fall on the weekend following Thanksgiving, so some of our volunteers will be out of town visiting family. So it's a good thing our volunteer base is growing. In Dec., 4th Sun will fall on Xmas Day, and the Methodist church is planning a big outreach event so I'm going to let St.G's event skip that month. Maybe we... (...more)
mon posted: Mon 2016-10-10 08:35:13 tags: diet, finance
Dunno why I thought the Siggi's full-fat yogurt had so much more protein. Maybe I just assumed it would be similar to the Fage full-fat plain. proteinkcalproteinindexcarbs Siggi's non-fat blueberry 15g 120 .1250 13g Fage full-fat plain 18g 190 .0947 Chobani nonfat blueberry 12g 130 .0923 Siggi's full-fat blueberry 12g 140 .0857 12g I like the flavor, the less-liquid consistency, and the finely-proc... (...more)
tue posted: Tue 2016-08-09 08:54:38 tags: diet
Picked up mango protein drinks, rolls (still no bolillos, boo), lemon-lime seltzer, and JD chx biscuits on the way home last night. War*malt is far enough out of my way (and crossing 3 lanes to U-turn south on 441, nerve-racking) that I often end up with no ham-egg-chz muffans. Hence the trial of chx biscuits. They are pretty tasty and convenient. They heat faster and pack a little more protein. Jimmy Dean Canadian ham, cracked egg, chz muffin: 12g protein / 220 kcal = .0545 protein index Jimmy Dean So... (...more)