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thu posted: Thu 2018-07-26 04:34:47 tags: dreams
EPIC goal-realization techniques If-Then planning (Heidi Halvorson) Look-ahead goal adjustment (Jesse Lyn Stoner Berrett-Koehler) tl;dw - if your plan is foiled by change, then triangulate, don't backtrack to square one For some reason I don't quite understand, my payroll company made life-skills training videos available but only to logged in users, and access on the longest one about goal-realization (22 minutes) was pulled within a month. So that kinda sucks. WHo has time to chase down every inspi... (...more)
sat posted: Sat 2018-06-09 06:02:12 tags: dreams, cats,
dreams Fri morning: dreamed I fumbled over raise negotiations and ended up pitching for 35 instead of 45K. Sat morning: It was xmas eve and i hadn't done my gift shopping and i was going to visit gamer girl. This was shitty of me, since I was already seeing miss cupcake, but i told her i was going to visit family or something. On line at the airport there was a bjoerk song playing with lines about another woman, "cheating is glory, asking for more, can't fight the bliss, the succubus kiss". I can only ... (...more)
Dream Log: October 9, 2002 posted: Sat 2014-03-29 05:49:49 tags: dreams
there was this nap, see; The car insurance office calls with a message that they needed my payment TODAY. I leave schoolwork and arrive at the house where I am staying with my 8th grade English teacher or aunt and climb climb climb past dusty uneven boxes of books, wooden furniture, other people's bathrooms, to my attic room - so tired - and fall down for a soft couch white bedspread like an old woman's shawl nap so tired. As I doze THE RATS grow bold and curious and hungry; time and again I wake to fac... (...more)
Dream Log: January 18, 2002 (place) posted: Sat 2014-03-29 05:32:28 tags: dreams
After doing my thing at the office all day, I am tired. Nothing sounds better than curling up somewhere in our hosts' home, with a pass at the eternal buffet laid out in the lowest living room. The home of the family hosting mine is like a modern-day wizards' tower, perhaps a Frank Lloyd Wright design, of stucco and red brick shingle and glass, nestled among green hills and palm trees. Everyone else is already there, I let myself in and say my hellos and climb the stairs to the kitchen. There is music p... (...more)
daylog posted: Wed 2014-02-12 07:04:06 tags: daylogs, dreams
The On-cor breaded chicken in tomato sauce thing was about 1200 kcal, the egg+chz was 460 kcal, a generous glass of wine was maybe 200 kcal, pretzels who-the-eff-knows because I don't believe they pack 80 kcal each. Berserking on the chx dish left me uncomfortably full and between that and the wine I fell asleep very early again, reading (of all the things I could be reading) a free Bookbub deal, "Kick your Fat in the Nuts". Key points thus far: - The medical profession mostly ignores nutrition and eti... (...more)