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dreams posted: Thu 2013-08-01 06:27:06 tags: dreams
Dreamed it was the holidays and at first it seemed to be Swift Court because parents and sisters and sisters' friends were around. Recurring themes within the dream were trying to keep track of clothes and a blanket that kept migrating around the house, and trying to cook myself a burrito and some eggs. Dad asked, with a sly and knowing look, if I'd been approached by an admirer. But I hadn't - had I? and his expression changed to pensive. There was a cat. There were tablet computers and I needed to ... (...more)
refund posted: Mon 2013-07-15 15:38:53 tags: dreams
Dreamed everybody who knew anything was on vacation so I got handed a call from somebody ostensibly looking for seminars in their area. So with a bit of technowizardry I managed to pull together a list of dates and venues. And the guy said Thank you, now tell [company president] I want my money back - I was promised an exclusive territory, well these are my venues but none of them are my events

i lol'ed

dreams posted: Sun 2013-06-02 12:08:26 tags: dreams
1. was out and about perhaps before church in a strip mall and ducked into a restaurant just as it was opening for the day with an urgent nature call. Stalls had doors but so low as to be pointless and a crowd of what was apparently morning bathroom regulars and one matronly employee wandered into the enormous restroom. I guess the saving grace was it was all strangers. 2. Something about cats being euthanized or just killed, made me cry and one of my housemates was laughing at me for crying. I did not ... (...more)
dreams posted: Sat 2013-04-06 02:00:43 tags: dreams
Dreamed Bart and Lisa had an evil Krusty doll that magically generated more toys, including copies of itself, until the house was overflowing. Probably a riff on a waking-life hosting service issue with the antivirus propagating failure notices, which were triggering more failures, more notices, faster than I could delete them. There were 2000 messages when I noticed the server being flaky, and 6000 messages and counting when I shut off qmail, ssh'ed into the server, emptied the queue manually and restarte... (...more)
ka-KAW posted: Thu 2013-02-28 06:45:00 tags: dreams
Dreamed I got bored with my main CRPG game, so I spun up a beastmaster. After the first room raided, during which guards arrived and we had to evade, the castle quickly became somebody's house, and my chimera pet became a person who was helping me case and find an unlocked and unwatched entry point. Unwatched - because the residents were home. A little girl came out the side door while I was testing the lock, and I flew up on a gable and gave a thudding dissertation on why I as a black man found it amusing... (...more)