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ka-KAW posted: Thu 2013-02-28 06:45:00 tags: dreams
Dreamed I got bored with my main CRPG game, so I spun up a beastmaster. After the first room raided, during which guards arrived and we had to evade, the castle quickly became somebody's house, and my chimera pet became a person who was helping me case and find an unlocked and unwatched entry point. Unwatched - because the residents were home. A little girl came out the side door while I was testing the lock, and I flew up on a gable and gave a thudding dissertation on why I as a black man found it amusing... (...more)
dreams posted: Sun 2012-12-02 05:24:51 tags: dreams
(day 12) En route back up, I had an interview at a weapons company. I was frazzled and disorganized, barefoot even; but the "application form" was hand-written in a 4x5 spiral notebook, so we exchanged apologies and carried on. My interviewer/hirer, Mike, said he expected me to "close a deal" Friday. I was surprised to see Phil there. When the intake meeting was over somebody said do you want to see the new weapon? She showed me how to fake my way past the security desk by pretending to be absorbed in my s... (...more)
dreams posted: Thu 2012-11-29 05:03:01 tags: dreams
(day 9) We got separated in a big busy old restaurant - went to the front desk to have you paged and you ninja'd up behind me. It was your face, maybe softer and fresher from an old photo, and it took my face-recognition brainmeats a second to decide it was you - but of course, who else would it be?
dreams posted: Sat 2012-11-10 07:12:58 tags: dreams
Woke up trying to yell at my friends, one of whom was John Travolta, because they thought it would be funni joak to pester me about could they have this and that piece of furniture (a footy bathtub, a dresser, et al) while I was trying to take a dump, in my bathroom with no door, which I had gone to great effort to screen off with a curtain of vertical blinds. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM But when I opened my mouth no sound was coming out, and nothing at hand to throw. SO infuriating. No, now you assh... (...more)
dreams posted: Wed 2012-10-03 05:41:23 tags: dreams
Final dream of the night was long and meandered lazily. I had a room like this one but across an unpaved alley, the landlord had another trailer, mostly empty. So I took another dry empty room to store my old dragon magazines and one with the leaky roof as my gamer den. This arc'ed into a CFRPG, which started out something to do with CA's Land of Mist graphics but zoomed in on an intricate sort of MM2/HMM crawl. I forget what happened in between, perhaps my brain closer to waking retrofit some storyline... (...more)