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Dream Log: January 18, 2002 posted: Mon 2014-02-03 07:40:14 tags: dreams, ex-nodes
After doing my thing at [the office] all day, I am tired. Nothing sounds better than [curling up] somewhere in our hosts' home, with a pass at the [eternal buffet] laid out in the lowest living room. The home of the family hosting mine is like a modern-day wizards' [tower], perhaps a [Frank Lloyd Wright] design, of stucco and red brick shingle and glass, nestled among green hills and palm trees. Everyone else is already there, I let myself in and say my hellos and climb the stairs to the kitchen. There ... (...more)
Dream Log: July 13, 2004 posted: Mon 2014-02-03 05:43:27 tags: dreams, ex-nodes
Stuff needs to get put away... the living room is full of my books and notebooks and computer parts, and other people's stuff. It's a big project but I get all my junk contained in a more orderly fashion in my own room. Next comes the kitchen - dirty dishes and groceries that somehow never made it to cabinets and fridge - and some of this stuff should really be refrigerated - orange juice, cooked broccoli, jam. The sink is so full of dishes that it's hard to wash around them, and the crumbs and lip-mar... (...more)