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asheville 2nd visit recap posted: Sun 2018-06-03 18:36:26 tags: travel, faith
Thu eve or Fri afternoon in Castle Age I won a free treasure chest roll, and shook epic general Kang out of the Corruption chest. Of course I didn't have time to alliance and level him up, so that's lined up as soon as I recap the weekend's travel. Left work early Fri to get a head start on driving to Cedar Wood Inn in Flat Rock. I suggested a scenic route that wouldn't add but a couple minutes to the route, and that went over well. Dinner at Black Rose in downtown Hendersonville - we weren't wow'ed by ... (...more)
fri posted: Fri 2018-02-16 08:04:08 tags: citizenship, faith
Crystallized and committed plans to visit DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival Finished yesterday's overview of elected representatives: House rep (NC 4th congressional district) and senators in DC Governor, state assemblyman (district 11) and state senator (district 17) County board of commissioners (district 4) Mayor and city town council Wikipedia: Cary NC Wikipedia: Episcopal Diocese of NC Poring over Episcopal entity filings with the Secretary of State ( business registration search... (...more)
tue posted: Tue 2017-09-19 10:48:55 tags: books, finance, faith
Dunno why it has to take 5 days to pull by CU from bank, when other bank-to-bank xfers take only 2-3 days. Elizabeth Warren is calling for mass removal of the board of a certain Big Commercial Bank in light of the new revelation that they arm-twisted scads of car loan customers into redundant insurance - on top of last year's fake account scandal, and their uniquely perverse insistence on fighting instead of just "making it right" with customers maximally bludgeoned with overdraft fees by sequence shuf... (...more)
Pentecost Sunday posted: Sun 2017-06-04 07:09:55 tags: faith
What I started thinking about Pentecost the other day was where the risen Jesus chides Thomas saying "so you believe because you have seen - blessed are those believe in Me without seeing". So why is that pertinent to Pentecost? Because it Pentecost commemorates the Holy Spirit being given to the disciples, and we His latter day disciples pray that the Holy Spirit may likewise fill us, lead us and give us power to do God's work... and we don't get it without faith. And it does seem to me that believers ... (...more)
what to give a food pantry posted: Sun 2017-05-14 12:29:52 tags: faith
Different food pantries have different storage capabilities. Some accept "any and all non-perishable items". Some do not have rodent-proof, insect-proof or damp-proof storage. Cans are always safe, heat-sealed packages are usually safe - but consult with the pantry for their top needs if you plan to supply frequently. Check the expiration date on the item, and don't be the kind of jackass who hands off expired, dented, damaged or bulging cans you wouldn't eat yourself to a food pantry. Oatmeal packet... (...more)