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Sunday - HSA's posted: Sun 2019-04-07 10:56:41 tags: finance
Thursday's dept meeting featured a guest presentation by the HR director. My ears perked when we started talking about HSAs, but the rules quickly get so convoluted and the advantages so marginal that I would really much rather we as a society stop enabling runaway healthcare profiteering, and step up to the 21st century with the rest of the civilized world in a universal ("single-payer") model. And THAT won't be a secure step forward until we dislodge the dark-money-fueled, gerrymandered, electoral-colleg... (...more)
mon posted: Mon 2018-10-29 05:31:15 tags: tech, finance
Since I got the new 28" monitor, every time it woke up from screensaver timeout, I found all the windows I'd put on the larger desktop had been moved by Win10 to the integral monitor's desktop. Minor, but annoying. With a little research I found a suggestion to change the scaling factor so both monitors match - in this, case, 125% (because 100% is illegibly tiny on this 4K beast). Voila, seems fixed. Uploaded credit, expense/budget and income statements to the financial planner Last time I tried to get... (...more)
sat; investment cost averaging posted: Sat 2018-08-25 09:12:55 tags: finance
Miss made my favorite breakfast we sat out on the balcony and watched birds feed ran the dishwasher and had a second cup of coffee updated accounts records investment cost averaging Let's say on Jan 1 you buy 100 shares of XYZ at $5/share. No-brainer, average cost per share is $5. Now let's say on Jul 1 you see a 3% price drop and you're in it for the dividends, not per-share growth so much, because it has a strong ROI history. So you blow your available liquid capital to snap up another 63 shares... (...more)
tue posted: Tue 2018-03-06 11:00:57 tags: finance
Spent some time deciding how to allocate cash sitting in investment accounts. In the past month, markets dipped significantly and then bounced back a little, rather than sliding yet more, so I felt it was time to buy in on a couple favorites at discount rather than keep holding my breath. I also rediscovered ETFDB's handy pages that call out various brokerage's commission-free ETF lists and let you sort by 1-year dividend return. Commish-free ETF dividend returns are nowhere close to the growth I've seen i... (...more)
wed posted: Wed 2017-12-20 07:57:31 tags: amazon, calendar, finance
Google Calendar has an automatic "birthdays" subcalendar that pulls from your GContacts and/or G+ circles. Which is silly, because if you're using those services as much as G would like, there's bound to be many GContacts/G+ nodes whose birthdays are unimportant to you, and birthdays that ARE important of people who don't and won't use G+, Google registered services at all, or computers and internets even. So I hid the automatic "birthdays" subcalendar and created my own bdays subcal. Without my lapto... (...more)