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mon posted: Mon 2018-10-29 05:31:15 tags: tech, finance
Since I got the new 28" monitor, every time it woke up from screensaver timeout, I found all the windows I'd put on the larger desktop had been moved by Win10 to the integral monitor's desktop. Minor, but annoying. With a little research I found a suggestion to change the scaling factor so both monitors match - in this, case, 125% (because 100% is illegibly tiny on this 4K beast). Voila, seems fixed. Uploaded credit, expense/budget and income statements to the financial planner Last time I tried to get... (...more)
sat; investment cost averaging posted: Sat 2018-08-25 09:12:55 tags: finance
Miss made my favorite breakfast we sat out on the balcony and watched birds feed ran the dishwasher and had a second cup of coffee updated accounts records investment cost averaging Let's say on Jan 1 you buy 100 shares of XYZ at $5/share. No-brainer, average cost per share is $5. Now let's say on Jul 1 you see a 3% price drop and you're in it for the dividends, not per-share growth so much, because it has a strong ROI history. So you blow your available liquid capital to snap up another 63 shares... (...more)
tue posted: Tue 2018-03-06 11:00:57 tags: finance
Spent some time deciding how to allocate cash sitting in investment accounts. In the past month, markets dipped significantly and then bounced back a little, rather than sliding yet more, so I felt it was time to buy in on a couple favorites at discount rather than keep holding my breath. I also rediscovered ETFDB's handy pages that call out various brokerage's commission-free ETF lists and let you sort by 1-year dividend return. Commish-free ETF dividend returns are nowhere close to the growth I've seen i... (...more)
wed posted: Wed 2017-12-20 07:57:31 tags: amazon, calendar, finance
Google Calendar has an automatic "birthdays" subcalendar that pulls from your GContacts and/or G+ circles. Which is silly, because if you're using those services as much as G would like, there's bound to be many GContacts/G+ nodes whose birthdays are unimportant to you, and birthdays that ARE important of people who don't and won't use G+, Google registered services at all, or computers and internets even. So I hid the automatic "birthdays" subcalendar and created my own bdays subcal. Without my lapto... (...more)
tue posted: Tue 2017-11-21 06:01:19 tags: finance
Picked up POB mail, esp. Haugk's "Finding Hope and Healing" ("Journeying through Grief" bk 3) from St. G's. E.- was first to pipe up to take custody of the box o' Runequest (3rd Ed., 1993) material. Brokerage account funding has cleared or will clear soon, so it's time to look at a few things. - Performance. Am I happy with ROI on my current holdings? - Selection. What commission-free securities are available since one broker expanded its fee-free list? - Fees. The industry had a commission fe... (...more)