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Castle Age: Pierce Build holding pattern posted: Sat 2019-04-20 14:59:25 tags: gaming
Back in 2015 I crunched numbers to pinpoint an "ultimate" Castle Age pierce alliance. The solution I came up with was Annika primary (but if I was starting from scratch now I think I'd invest in Guinevere instead), Gale (or Aravoss) secondary, and Kitsune (or perhaps Kanbe) tertiary. I already had a lot of hero crystals invested in Annika when Guinevere was released, so I stuck with Annika instead of shifting gears. Last week or so I finished unlocking Annika to L80 and 5-stars, and started saving up... (...more)
sun posted: Sun 2019-03-10 08:34:35 tags: gaming
DST began Kodiak high-protein pancakes with blueberries added Broke Windows 10 trying to decruft and optimize the estate laptop Roadmapped IRA contributions and highest-interest student loan payoffs Cookie Clicker garden: There was an update mid-week that gave us some new cookies and heavenly chip upgrades. The new cookies speed my game up a little. Won't know about the HC upgrades until I clock another ascension, and I'm trudging through the 333 billion prestige for the sugar crystal cookie upgrad... (...more)
sat posted: Sat 2018-07-28 05:57:42 tags: gaming
Castle Age: pierce general alliance revisited again One of my treasure chest pulls from the Meteorite bonus pool was a second copy of general Ender. So I got thinking about rearranging my general alliances and maybe leveling up Ender, but then I half-remembered I had crunched numbers to figure out ultimate pierce alliances before. The conclusion was Annika (or Guinevere) primary, Gale secondary and aim for Kitsune tertiary if I ever get her. I kinda wish I had thought about this before I sank 60-75 each o... (...more)
The introduction of Cronus Astaroth on 2014-10-20 heralded a new generation of monster hunting targets. This 5th gen was characterized by the "stance" mechanic. Each 5th+ gen monster has a stance rating. Cronus Astaroth's stance rating, for example, is 30. To qualify for legendary loot, damage on these monsters must be done with a general whose stance level at least equals the monster's. At simplest, the general's level is their stance level too. Alliancing additional generals of the same stance TYPE adds ... (...more)
wed - CA legendary alchemy ladder posted: Wed 2018-03-14 00:19:22 tags: gaming
Phantom / Glorious Amulet requires Chromus / Arcane Warbanner Phantom / Shiny Glove requires Chromus / Divine Sky Breaker Chromus / Divine Sky Breaker requires 2x Cronus / Astaroth Blade Chromus / Arcane Warbanner requires 2x Cronus / Astaroth Amulet Ouroboros / Maw of the Void requires Cronus / Astaroth Blade and Samael / Helm of the Dragon God Ouroboros / Elendal Crushers requires Samael / Dragonscale Chestguard Samael / Helm of the Dragon God requires Vargulis / Magmaflame Samael / Dragonsc... (...more)