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Varg, Samael and stance posted: Sat 2015-09-26 18:57:24 tags: gaming
Castle Age: I get bored with conquest monsters. So I started some forays into Samael and Vargulis. Turns out that aside from qualifying base damage as "contribution points", the "stance" mechanics are of little concern unless you're aiming for legendary drops, and in that case you should coordinate with other hunters to take advantage of synced attack bonuses. But for straight-up drops of "rare" loot, decent stuff is easy to score with fairly laid-back damage requirements. Usually successive monster rel... (...more)
Castle Age: Samael posted: Tue 2015-09-08 21:15:01 tags: gaming
On August 26, Castle Age introduced the successor to Vargulis: Samael, Wraith Legionnaire. Where Vargulis's loot was all fire-oriented, Samael's is wind-oriented. Samael is clearly intended as the next "step" on a path, because his project alchemies require drops from Vargulis. It's looking like a very same-y tour of the elements with one water-based monster and one earth-based to come, and then maybe something that ties them together, and perhaps the introduction of another tier of forge items: silver ing... (...more)
Back in April I started crunching some Castle Age numbers and logic to figure out what the ultimate General Alliance pierce combo might be. Recently I got invited to the "festival duel ladder" group and it has become thinkable that I may acquire general Kraxus. And I got sort-of lucky over the long weekend with a Phoenix chest roll, did not get Kitsune but I did get Ender. If Ender was as easily promotable as Annika, it might be a slightly better general. Both max out at +88 Physical Pierce at L80, but ... (...more)
Castle Age: Vargulis posted: Mon 2015-07-20 19:17:43 tags: gaming
On May 15, the new monster "Vargulis, First Brood" was introduced. Vargulis's loot fills a niche for players with not-so-deep pockets before the outrageous investments required for best-in-slot weapon (3-stage alchemy from Cronus Astaroth drops) or armor (3-stage alchemy from Thanatos Reborn). Vargulis's drops set a new bar for damage requirements in the "rare" category, being more in line with "legendary" loot requirements on previous beasts. These drops make it possible for semi-casual players to scor... (...more)
In Part 2, I concluded that the new mix-and-match general alliance mechanics make elemental pierce generals much more interesting. I don't understand exactly how elemental resist factors work in PvP, but the way I read the Wikia description, they are useless unless you are defending against the matching element. Unless Castle Age truly is your life, I can't see crafting high-end resist builds to fend off specific ele offenses. So my hanging question from Part 2 was "what's the ultimate pierce alliance, ... (...more)