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Castle Age: Succubus Kiss re...vamped? posted: Tue 2015-02-24 19:37:47 tags: gaming
Maybe I missed a change, maybe I misunderstood, or maybe the in-game stat reveal was broken at first - at any rate, I thought the Arena IX booby prize Succubus Kiss was +5 fire pierce only, but it is in fact +5 physical AND +5 fire pierce. The current thinking is that elemental pierce is as good as physical pierce in PvP, so SK is effectively +10 (mixed) pierce, i.e. +1% att. So with my 5300 effective att (eAtt), SK gives 53 bonus att on top of its intrinsic 9.7 eAtt - substantially preferable to Lava Infe... (...more)
Castle Age remedial: pierce/resist factor posted: Thu 2015-02-12 11:24:25 tags: gaming
I have long been laboring under the misconception that every point of pierce is effectively a 1% att bonus. So, with my raw att of 4400, an equipment item with 10 pierce would provide a stunning +440 att. I think I knew the true factor and then wishful thinking or plain old interference kicked in. It is not 1% per point of pierce. That would mean that 100 pierce, which is not a particularly lofty goal, would give a +100% att boost. Consider just one item, Warbringer Longblade with one silver pierce ingot f... (...more)
Castle Age: General Alliances posted: Tue 2014-12-16 09:58:30 tags: gaming
Castle Age introduced a mechanic well over a year ago, "General Alliance", to encourage more purchases and chest gambling for generals. The idea was, you "link" generals with similar special abilities to amplify the overall impact of the special ability when the primary general is equipped. So for example, if you bought Vanir (+40 Resist), then you may have been a little annoyed and predicted an endless spiral inflation of special abilities when Vanathan (+50 Resist) came out. But with the advent of Ge... (...more)
pierce/resist analysis in Castle Age posted: Tue 2014-11-04 11:11:27 tags: gaming
Forge slots added a new dimension to Castle Age. Without them, you could compile a simple list of all the items of a given equipment type, and rank them in order of pierce or resist rating. A sword with +25 pierce would just ALWAYS be better than one with +20 pierce, assuming a fairly standard casual balanced or PvP build with 1000+ Att and Def. Based on that, deciding what gear to chase to beef up your PvP was a fairly straightforward matter. The advent of Forge slots made it so that any weapon with a ... (...more)
slow + steady wins the warbringer longblade posted: Tue 2014-11-04 08:18:02 tags: gaming
Feels like a long time but it's only been since late August... well, I guess in Castle Age terms that's "a long time" to have abandoned conquest monsters to chase Death Rat Horde drops. I think I need another 4 Bonegnasher's Marks and that will be 1 of 4 rat lords done. My drop rate on Marks is looking to be just under 50%. So if I can knock out the other 3 rats this fast, it will "only" be another 6 months before I finish the first-stage legendary Hordeslayer Gauntlet. Taking bets on how soon the Death... (...more)