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thu - day 2 posted: Thu 2017-10-05 08:39:28 tags: healing
Dawn's blog: Coping with Anger Brain is still on Pacific time; don't remember Miss Cupcake getting up, and then suddenly it was after 9am. Had to swing by Publix to retrieve my fon. Was late anyway so I picked up some yogurt, protein drinks, seltzer and rolls for work en route too. AdvCap replay event: "Cashella". Bought the 20 gold, 3x profit boost and it makes the event pace tolerable without giving it all away in an evening. Haven't seen a new TEC "Thursdays at 2" video since March, I assume th... (...more)
wed- 1st day home posted: Wed 2017-10-04 07:34:57 tags: healing, books
The rule of thumb for sign legibility is 1" character height = 40' visibility, i.e. 3" high lettering is legible up to 120'. Sans-serif fonts are more legible and most popular street / facility signage fonts are Helvetica, Frutiger, and Clearview. source: Mental Floss We got in around midnight last night (as evidenced by the "your Lyft driver is here" text at 11:45) and didn't wind down to sleep until after 1. Slept in til after 9. Unpacked, updated accounts registers and here I am. I finished 2 ... (...more)
thu pt. 2 posted: Thu 2017-08-10 10:57:36 tags: healing
2011 Liz Mullinar TEDxNewy: Childhood trauma... - is highly correlated (70-90%) with adult bipolar disorder, depression, suicide, et al - happens overwhelmingly in the family - only 1% "stranger danger" or religious abuse - responds to therapy - 45% reduction in mental-health crises, 5 years after a short program 2015 Benjamin Perks TEDxPodgorica: Prevalence and mitigation of Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) I'm not sure I can line up behind the claim that ANY exposure to sexually explicit mater... (...more)
sat posted: Sat 2017-07-29 11:30:26 tags: healing
Sat Morning Serenity at Living Word beginner meeting: Chair's Choice, sharing about "creativity" We may be great at creative production (outwardly-directed), and yet stalled on inward-directed creativity: e.g. creating an inner "safe space" free from habitual self-reproach, etc. Our family dysfunction taught us to deny feelings, talents, desires, experiences. Part of recovering self-acceptance is learning to honor our own creativity. The other day I expressed the feeling that if Dad was "just some ... (...more)
wed: music and emotional processing posted: Wed 2017-07-19 08:21:32 tags: healing
Funded a checking account at a really amazing credit union. Not the nearby one. What do you do when you need cash? They're a member of an extensive ATM network. Deposit a check? Mobile deposit is a thing, but their ATMs also accept deposits. Need hands-on/face-to-face service? Visit a CO-OP branch, they're not quite as convenient as ubiquitous big commercial bank branches but they're near enough. * * * I've been on an electro-swing kick lately, and since my car CD player finally went mute, I've been most... (...more)