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househunter 2.0 posted: Mon 2012-01-16 10:51:27 tags: housing
Had a really relaxing weekend after such a crazy week... relaxing, that is, once I got over the twin feelings that any moment I was going to hear my car being stolen, or that roaches would suddenly start pouring out of the woodwork. But the neighborhood seems to be a bit safer than my paranoid imagination imagined; let's remember that when I came to look at the place at dusk Thursday there were kids playing in the driveway next door. The neighbors and I are predominantly the same color... which shouldn... (...more)
househunter 2.0 posted: Thu 2012-01-12 13:47:46 tags: housing
At the end of 2007, my patience and tolerance for filth and inconsideration ran out, and I wasn't accepting temper tantrums as a form of boundary negotiation. In my haste and inexperience with room-shopping, I ended up in a somewhat better place, at somewhat higher cost of rent. It was still a far cry from "good", once I realized the new-roommate-honeymoon was over. And then I was stuck in a 1-year lease. Lesson learned: month-to-month onry. So in mid-2009, I scraped together first-and-last (or first... (...more)