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tue posted: Tue 2017-07-11 09:05:52 tags: finance, movies
Coffee Folded and put away laundry Fire alarm annual inspection team was sounding alarms on our floor as I was getting ready, so I lingered to supervise the inspection. Less than 2 minutes to verify the alarm was sounding (duh) and sprinklers... exist? I dunno. Picked up seltzer, yogurt, Naked protein drinks, rolls, crackers and hummus en route to work. Yogurt and hummus for brunch, 100mg caf and Costco protein bar for lunch. I signed up for CarGurus email newsflashes with some used car selection... (...more)
batmon posted: Mon 2017-07-03 09:45:44 tags: movies
Fri eve we'd planned to try The Old Key Lime House but when we got there parking was mobbed and we didn't want to cough up for valet, so we retreated to Payathai. Tried the Ozeki Platinum sake, drinkable but I would have been just as happy with the lighter, sweeter and cheaper Hana Awaka. Sat. some channel was running the 1989 Batman movie (Michael Keaton), so we watched that, and I'd never seen the 1992 sequel ("Batman Returns") so we rented it off Prime. I insisted on Old Key Lime House and we got the... (...more)
Ocean's N posted: Tue 2017-06-27 04:44:17 tags: movies
A couple nights ago we watched Ocean's Eleven (2001) because it was free via Amazon Prime and we wanted to refresh and catch up on the franchise. Without poring over reviews to find out how faithful it was (or wasn't) to the 1960 original, let's just say I enjoyed it, it was a little goofy but mostly sophisticated and immersive. Last night we continued with Ocean's Twelve (2004), also free. There were enjoyable moments, but moreso than its predecessor, there were a lot of places where it "tried too hard... (...more)
mon posted: Mon 2017-06-12 05:49:01 tags: TWFTR, movies
Whistling in the Wind blog: "Why Taxation is not Theft" Accounts registers up-to-date Zeroing my webmail inbox is going to require me to either create a LinkedIn account or get comfortable with ignoring and deleting LinkedIn connection invites. Another big source of email influx is political messaging. I do want to keep abreast of what's happening with ActBlue, OurRevolution, The Sanders Institute, #Resist and all, but they all need to figure out how to cooperate and organize among themselves to e... (...more)
Jewish Cardinal and new phone posted: Thu 2014-03-13 06:39:03 tags: movies
Yesterday - After workies I made the switch from T-Mo back to MetroPCS. They merged at some point, so coverage is no longer limiting unless I have a mission to Montana or something, and even then only if there's no wifi to piggyback on. Coverage was only a problem when I was traveling anyway. So $40/mo gives me unlimited talk/text and 4G data up to 500MB unthrottled. Compare vs. my previous plan's $50/mo, no data and limited talk/text. Limits I never ran up against, but limits nonetheless, and now that I t... (...more)