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hallelujah iterations posted: Sat 2014-03-15 07:30:22 tags: music
Leonard Cohen on "Hallelujah" Cohen studio version John Cale version k d lang version Jeff Buckley version Rufus Wainright version And the song that kicked off the Hallelujah jag by association, Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds: Into My Arms (via clampe's Sunday Morning Sidewalks mix)... (...more)
rushed digest posted: Wed 2014-03-12 06:49:21 tags: LBOM, music
Lots of stuff from yesterday to digest and not enough time to chew it all over this morning. Dan Carlos: I Think I Like It LBOM board meeting transport mission - beach camp Operation: Vacate Jamaican jerk chx from Rock Steady @ the laundry mission and Rolan's phone pickup. MetroPCS is a LOT more service, for less money, and the T-mo merger means much better coverage...if I had the $$$ for a smrtfon I'd be on it like a bonnet. ... (...more)
memory of a Mozart motif posted: Thu 2013-09-19 09:33:00 tags: music
There's a snatch of piano motif that surfaces from memory every so often. I know it's Mozart. I know it's from a CD or tape of Mozart recordings I owned before I retired physical media as a form of music librarianship. I'm thinking symphony 40 or 41, but it could also be a piano concerto, because I had a few recordings of selected Mozart works shorter than symphonic compositions. I know it's not the Requiem. I don't think it's from Die Zauberflöte. Symphony 41: "Jupiter" in C major (K. 551) ... not her... (...more)
daylog posted: Sat 2013-06-15 14:38:32 tags: daylogs, music
I knew I needed to run dark laundry. Yesterday I thought today I might also hit a movie (Gatsby), and the gym, and Total Wine, but by the time I got laundry done, relaxing at home was compelling. So, no wine unless I splurge on something from Pubilx. I do need groceries. I thought I blahged about this recently - a snatch of lyric, perhaps "waiting for so long" or "away for so long" sung in a Kate Moss class soprano - but in fact it was that Underworld song, "Stagger", that I blolged about. This snatch w... (...more)
exposure posted: Tue 2013-03-05 18:15:21 tags: music
Picked up somebody's CD collection at the thrift shop, some 27 discs for $6. What I didn't account for was the fact that pop music pretty much sucks these days. Panic At the Disco. Fallout Boy. Rihanna. Yung Joc. Chamillionaire. Pink... ma'am, with forgettable pop hooks like that you've got no place looking down your nose at any stupid porno paparazzi girls. Plain White Ts is actually rather listenable. Ella Fitzgerald will get a due listening. Musical theatre soundtracks e.g. The Music Man et al... We'... (...more)