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asheville 2nd visit recap posted: Sun 2018-06-03 18:36:26 tags: travel, faith
Thu eve or Fri afternoon in Castle Age I won a free treasure chest roll, and shook epic general Kang out of the Corruption chest. Of course I didn't have time to alliance and level him up, so that's lined up as soon as I recap the weekend's travel. Left work early Fri to get a head start on driving to Cedar Wood Inn in Flat Rock. I suggested a scenic route that wouldn't add but a couple minutes to the route, and that went over well. Dinner at Black Rose in downtown Hendersonville - we weren't wow'ed by ... (...more)
Austin sojourn posted: Wed 2018-01-24 07:35:10 tags: travel
depart RDU to AUS 1/16

return AUS to RDU 1/23

PDX redux posted: Sun 2017-10-29 10:49:16 tags: datefix, travel
As we touristed Portland, I collected receipts, parking stubs etc. When we got home I piled them on top of my file tote, intending to process them but it felt less-than-urgent. Today Miss Cupcake wanted to get some squaring-away done ahead of moving, so I processed all the my stuff piling up on top of my the file tote. Tri-Rail train schedule hardcopy 9/27 boarding passes Frontier MIA-DEN; DEN-PDX luggage destination tags + stubs 9/27 2x$6.25 4:52a Tri-Rail 1-way tkt Boynton Beach to Miami 9/27 $9.6... (...more)
thu posted: Thu 2017-07-20 06:36:44 tags: cars, finance, travel
First coffee, accounts register update, email inbox cleanup Rye muffin, Siggi's yogurt, 1 x 1/2cup serving of nutty nuggets with smilk 200mg caf ~3pm, cheese melt on a roll called apt re: parking stickers for new cars. They don't do anything without the VIN. called new CU re: app status; let go and trusting the process at least until tomorrow afternoon gave the commode a quick scrub 2 minutes in microwave to sanitize saturated cellulose sponge rainy weather = feelin' blah/lazy Transcribed some mo... (...more)
sat posted: Sun 2017-06-25 09:09:10 tags: travel
In the morning Miss Cupcake asked if I was up to revisit Blowing Rocks Preserve, and I said if we were going to do an outing I'd rather go someplace we hadn't been before, like the monastary/museum at St. Bernard de Clairvaux in Miami. So we fueled up the Passat and did that and took lots of pics and it was gorgeous and inspiring and I'm so glad we went. Then we had lunch at a restaurant called "Little Havana" on Biscayne Blvd in North Miami. The interior decoration was a little kitschy but it was clean... (...more)