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tags, auto-clip and namestorming posted: Mon 2011-08-08 13:51:39 tags: unnamed blog project
The trivial part of the tag-support revision was, well, trivial: Add a "tags" column in the entries table. Add an input field and fix the SQL accordingly in the Create / Update phases of the post form. Pretty up the entry-view template and that was that. The not-so-trivial part is to manage the tags table "on the fly". Say we're creating a new entry, and the tags table is empty. We explode() and trim() the tags field, and find 3 tags: "fitness", "mileage" and "web design". We SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tags W... (...more)
next feature: tags posted: Sat 2011-08-06 22:01:42 tags: unnamed blog project
I was supposed to settle on a project name, but none of the things I came up with are making me excited, so I'm just going to keep thinking about this blog engine as "my-as-yet-unnamed-blog-engine-and-by-the-way-I-hate-the-word-blog". But that doesn't have to mean stalled feature development. For my next trick I want to build in a "tag" feature. I think the easy approach will be to explode() the comma-separated "tags" list on entry submission, looping through to add any novel terms to the tags table. Th... (...more)
I got my grip on template-based web app design techniques mostly from building my "snippets" mini-app. Reorganizing the whole website to let me juggle "snippets", and its simpler clone, "projects", in preparation for shifting the site's focus to the "blog engine" not-so-mini app, was good practice too. What I really didn't expect was to end up with a "controller" module. I'm not all that thrilled with it, but now that it's done I'm not sure how I'd go about refactoring to remove it. If the thing I'm cal... (...more)
gimme a "U" posted: Wed 2011-08-03 17:48:43 tags: unnamed blog project
I've had some errors, typographical and formatting/styling and factual, creeping in all along, so today I stretched out in bed all day with my lappy and reworked the unnamed blog engine to include entry-revision functionality. En route I learned a number of things, including some finer points of CSS selector precedence and a bit more about PHP's MySQL functions. I'm not sure exactly what I learned about stateful app design using session variables in PHP, but something wasn't behaving as expected, and I ... (...more)
"pager" element addition posted: Tue 2011-07-19 00:30:12 tags: unnamed blog project
Set some dev goals that I want met before I call this blog app v1.0, and brainstormed a few candidates for a project name. First, the goals: pagination of the entry list in the landing page... done, using the PEAR Pager object, and much classier than my first date with Pager. Extend authentication to the landing page so that logged-in users see all posts, flagged hidden or not - done while I was implementing the Pager revision link-to-entry facility to focus on a given entry with extended details - ne... (...more)