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sat - dry beans quick soak posted: Sat 2017-02-11 14:15:20 tags: what I'm eating
Miss Cupcake test-drove a chicken-and-dumplings recipe in the slow cooker during the week. She wasn't comfortable stowing the hot end result directly to the fridge; I'm not confortable ;eaving it out for hours to cool to room temp. Also, the slow cooker doesn't seem to get hot enough to set the Bisquick dumpling stage to bready consistency; it just kind of disintegrated back into the chx stew. Which, I'm not complaining, did not detract at all, but we wanted dumplings. Because of the stupid spotty way G... (...more)
better diet burritos posted: Sat 2014-02-15 13:05:27 tags: what I'm eating
El Burrito Trio was never a good nutrition value, but it was better than awful plus quick, comfortable and reasonably filling for cheap... so I backed off from it a bit but never really gave it up entirely. However, the third leg, the Jose Ole breakfast burritos, are pricey for what they are at $1.25 each (4 pk / $5). So when I saw the new El Monterey chx+chz burritos for $1 flat, I had to compare the protein index against the Jose Ole sausage breakfast burritos. And what do you know, they're better. ... (...more)
bean pancake nutrition posted: Sat 2013-07-06 19:05:46 tags: what I'm eating
In my costing study of 5-bean stew, I used Diana brand black beans, based on 3 cups per (12oz?) unit bag. Most bean nutrition reporting is based on 1/4-cup servings. But Diana black bean nutrition is strangely difficult to google, so I'm falling back to Iberia, which is much more recent and which I can corroborate online. According to a certain fascist small-business-killing superstore chain's website, each 12oz Iberia bag of black beans is 9 servings, at 9g protein and 70 kcal per serving, or 81g/630 ... (...more)
boston market by protein index posted: Sat 2013-07-06 09:34:08 tags: what I'm eating
Instead of blowing my entertainment budget on craft beers this week, I thought I'd actually, gasp, go out and see a movie. Or two. I'll have 30 minutes between Man of Steel and World War Z to get a bite to eat. There's 2 economy options in the theater's mall area: McDonald's, and Boston Market (which is also a McD's franchise group brand lol). Needless to say, I'm not overjoyed with the choices but if I have to pick one I'll pick Boston Mkt. Which leads us to the question: what's good at Boston Mkt? And... (...more)
bean cakes beta 2: black beans posted: Thu 2013-06-27 08:30:13 tags: what I'm eating
Of the last bag of black beans, half went in chili and half was set aside. Last night I sorted, quick-soaked, rinsed, and cooked another bag (Iberia brand). Today I blenderized the leftovers plus the new batch. Water was necessary, between a quarter and a half-cup; I also used some olive oil, maybe 2-3 tbsp for the whole 1.5x batch. The result was about 4 cups of lovely purple bean paste. Purple! Spooned about a cup into my 4-cup measuring cup. Preheated my nonstick pan on medium heat with a tbsp of ... (...more)