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OpenEMM posted: Tue 2011-12-20 17:44:15 tags: work
Recently one of my clients, having got their feet wet in the muck of email marketing, decided to wade in up to their junk. During the feet-wet phase they were targeting relatively small lists, using a piece of software called Sendblaster. SB basically combines a WYSIWYG html email editor with an MS Jet database facility and an SMTP server. The problem with the pre-2000 Jet engine component is that it's limited to a 1GB database file size. Through trial and error I found that this translates to a single ... (...more)
venue subsystem rollout posted: Thu 2011-12-08 16:11:34 tags: work
Today I finished debugging a new part of this customer-service app in MS Access 2000. Basically the idea is, we have a table that stores affiliate data, one record per affiliate; each affiliate may be associated with one or more venues; and at each venue they may have scheduled some number of seminar event dates. So in relational-database terms, we added a table to represent venues, each keyed to an affiliate; and a table to represent seminar event dates, each event keyed to a venue (and thereby implici... (...more)
fields of gold posted: Mon 2011-11-07 11:49:18 tags: work
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The title kind of says it all - following a virus signature library update, Microsoft Security Essentials popped up a warning that my lappy was infected with "Win32.Zbot", and when I told it yes, go ahead and clean the system, it closed Chrome, dissociated it as the system URL handler and disabled the executable. No, Microsoft, that's not suspicious at all. A mistake anyone could have made, really. Here's the kicker though - after the requested reboot, I had no problem opening Chrome again. No idea how ... (...more)
the Joel Test posted: Fri 2011-09-16 11:02:02 tags: work
I never heard of this before, but apparently it's been circulating around the software dev world a while. Perhaps because the author is also a cofounder of Stack Overflow. Anyway, without further ado, "The Joel Test", an informal but not half-bad scale to rate software production environment quality, and a goldmine of interesting links.