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Purpose, meaning, accomplishment blah blah blah
tcharron's wget-on-windows config persistence howto
Car Talk mechanic locator
Johnny Ryan's Blecky Yuckarella comic
WTF [non]Randomness for the win
does it hurt to put triclosan in pencils?
Youtube: laughing baby
Internet Archive: Joe is My Interactive Bra
Best of Craigslist: Just F*cking F*ck Me Already
BigThinksomebody subscribed me to BigThink's email digest. Normally this would infuriate me but their content was actually in line with my interests so I'll withhold a shanking... this time.
Wikipedia: Western canon
Wild Vines blackberry merlot
Language Log
DeviantArt cheap plane tix
Maxima, a GNU open source math engine
Color Mathematics practice softwarevia
Dell Inspiron 9200 drivers
CNN report: 5 PayPal alternatives
the pi is a lie?
programming jokes
10 websites for brain training
The Carter Center: Advancing Human Rights property listings forums
Personality Disorders in Dogs and Humans
Making the Most of the MS OLE Chart Object
ISO 9001 2008 plain English overview
Windows API tutorial
Librivox - public domain audiobooks
CodePlex - open source project hosting
Google Code
Configuring your URL Rewriter
Confgure SSL on IIS
Broward PHP users groupneeds debugging, ironically
Google: quickly, correctly and confidently
a guide to being punctual, or not "harder" hardstyle stream
Internet Archive: free audio
Apache friends XAMPP support forum
SEO-friendly URLS, URL rewriting
Creating MS-Access style crosstabs in MySQL
PHP script: password-protect a web page - test your connection speed
a mod_rewrite beginner's guide
Google search: open source web based customer service app reinvent
PHP security guide: sessions
RedBrazil booksellers
Powell's booksellers
W3C HTML forms spec
Florida's landlord/tenant law
Java example: disable form elements
Intrusion Detection: Honeypots explained
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office - booking blotter
XML schema tutorial
Surviving the World
Extra Life
Wikipedia: Obsessive-compulsive disorder
HT Improve Conversation Skills
7 free or open-source backup utilities
AceBackup: free Windows backup software
Google Docs FFXI notes spreadsheet
SquareEnix / FFXI support news & links
server status
PlayOnline Linkshell Community
FFXI LJ community
Men Are Better Than Women... DOT COMat certain degrees, hate is hilarious.
FFXIAH Kujata Achievers
FFXIclopedia, a FFXI wiki
Allakhazam - Kujata server forum
Vana'diel Atlas
Campsitarus - xp camp guide
FFXIAH - Guild Pattern
Lokyst's Crafting TimerI'm not 100% sure this is accurate, especially when it comes to the advanced synth support bonus, but it's immensely helpful nonetheless
AlexisLucia's Skillchain Calculator
Skill Cap Chart & Calculator
Camfrog - free video conferencing
Pidgin - open source instant message (IM) clientsupports AIM, MSN, YIM, IRC and more
FoodGawker - recipes, TGP style
Palm Beach regional Mensa
Roommate Click
Roommates.comfree to browse, pay to contact? lame
top 10 open-source CRMs
SugarCRM - "commercial open-source" CRM
Google search: VTiger
Apache OFBiz ("Open [source] for Business")
opentaps open-souce ERP + CRM
OpenCRX - yet another open source CRM
OpenBravo - software-as-service ERP"deploy in the cloud" hmmm
Apache OFBiz
Wikipedia: SAP AG
ZEND frameworksome kind of nebulous PHP extension project
DotProject - open-source project manager
Wikipedia: SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
Destination CRM: 10 Technologies That Are Reinventing the CRM Industry
davesecretaryatwork: TIME FOR SOME STORIES