fri posted: Fri 2022-04-29 13:01:14 tags: n/a
200mg caf, 15g protein cocoa, vitamin
shower, dress
new desk packaging and misc give-aways out to sidewalks and cars
fresh bed and bath linens
vac up styro crumbs in the wake of desk assembly
tighten the leaky showerhead juncture
hang wave and seashells bath decor

file filing
turkey bacon for breakfast burritos

* * *

empty, detangle, bag to prevent retangling, and curate AC/audio/network/USB cords/accessories box
The PS/2 keyboard and mouse port spec (named for the IBM Personal System/2 PC) dates back to 1987. I think I was pretty much done with non-USB peripheral connectors midway into my tenure at The Bad Company, so the PS/2-to-USB connectors in my kit are about a decade out of fashion. With the accelerating pace of peripheral unwiring, I guess it's fairly safe to finally discard them.

Some cable intenet providers still want to rent you WAPs instead of standardizing on all-in-one cablemodem/WAP devices, so I guess I still have to hold into my Ethernet kit until fiber and/or xG overtake last millennium's high-speed Internet infrastructure.