wed posted: Wed 2018-12-19 07:16:26 tags: n/a
TIL that David Lane, the white nationalist who formulated the "14 words" doctrine, also promoted the idea of a code embedded in the KJV by its supposed "Aryan" translators. So maybe that's another reason the especial "inspiration" of the KJV is so entangled with white nationalist cult sheep.

I suddenly realized my stab at Advent meditations quickly fell by the wayside. Also, 12/5's long thoughts about The Bad Job, comparing it with a Ponzi scheme, vs. the milder moral compromise - but still a compromise - where I've ended up now.

Coming down to the wire of where I can distro half the traditional IRA before the new year

There needs to be a mashup of The Hollies "Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress" and Santana's "Black Magic Woman". Long Cool Black Magic Woman In a Black Magic Dress. Maybe throw some of Heart's "Magic Man" in there too.

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