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fri posted: Thu 2018-01-11 15:09:13 tags: n/a
Laid wetted "salon coil" cotton on the tough grout mildew stains and wetted it more with bleach to set overnight. Looks great this morning.

2 bowls of Great Grains Blueberry Morning with smilk
showered and started working the tub bottom over
UPS says Huawei Honor 7x ordered Sun should be delivered today
Self-cleaning oven dusted out; microwave scrubbed;

* * *

call for washer/dryer rental

thu posted: Thu 2018-01-11 09:01:07 tags: n/a
Miss Cupcake's term "choffee" (coffee + "hot chocolate" aka cocoa mix) doesn't quite sit right with me but it's brief so I'll probably adopt it here. A little light cardio. "choffee"... rrr... and chzy eggs. Succeeded with USPS mail forwarding orders. Yesterday's addition of PO box as an authorized address went through so I was able to charge my CU the $1 validation fee for PO box forwarding, but then it stonewalled trying to set up forwarding for home address. I ended up making that work using my c... (...more)
wed posted: Wed 2018-01-10 07:54:43 tags: n/a
Woke well-rested around 7:30~8am. Let Miss sleep in a while. Inst coffee+cocoa. Adapted my Cobian backup parameters to the new computer, which is not so new anymore and I should be a bit embarrassed that backups were backburnered this long. Miss started the oven self-cleaning cycle. We booked car rental for AUS and hotel for the couple nights before we can move in to the new place, so that all feels more safety-netted. I ordered a new fon Sunday and expected it to ship 2-day Monday. The sender emailed ... (...more)
tue posted: Tue 2018-01-09 05:20:16 tags: n/a
exited some local Meetup groups (#Resist, PB Mensa, WPB Socrates Cafe); joined Cary's #Resist Looked up the Mensa local chapter that includes Cary. Mensa Eastern North Carolina (MENC) is a huge chapter that covers half the state, from the coast to an irregular western boundary just east of Charlotte in the south, and just west of the RDU metro area in the north. And I thought Palm Beach Co's chapter was too large... Today's Mensa bulletin: a story on how 2018 will see a critical mass of researchers f... (...more)
sun posted: Sun 2018-01-07 09:31:04 tags: n/a
For a while now I've adopted the affectation of referring to a smartphone as a "fōn", but typing out the html entity code for the o-with-macron is less even parsimonious than just spelling out "phone", so I thought about settling on "fone". Saving one letter doesn't feel worthy of the affectation either though. It will probably itch my phonetic sense, but no one with half a brain would be totally mystified if I went with "fon" (no macron) either. So let's try that for a bit. Revisited fon specs again t... (...more)