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sat posted: Sat 2019-03-23 19:24:00 tags: n/a
DC is not a drop-of-the-hat trip, in my book, so we had breakfast at True Flavors in Durham, visited Nasher Museum of Art and Sarah P. Duke Gardens, and tiredly but happily picked up groceries on the way home.

fri posted: Fri 2019-03-22 16:50:53 tags: n/a
Documents supplied for homeowner ins rfnd Atty payment sent Fold and stow all the clean laundry scan and file estate chkg stmt and supporting docs On 3/9 I slapped together a Lent cover image with a modest translation of Galatians 5:14, the gist of which is - who keeps the command "love thy neighbor" has fulfilled the whole Law. This was something that had been on my mind since the exchange with my right-wing-nut Randroid (as in "helping is futile") cousin over the monochrome vilification of all De... (...more)
thu posted: Thu 2019-03-21 05:10:44 tags: n/a
rinse dishes to washer return Mary Poppins Returns. Mediocre, slow, doubtfully appealing to kids of any age pay internet and electric bills toss MoveOn a bone replenished CBD supply; dindins at Chili's find HO ins bill to eml Heather or Jana re: prorata rfnd nose gather decedent tax docs Cookie Clicker: I think I got a bit lucky with unlocking Green Yeast Digestives on Tuesday, and Bakeberry Cookies and Wheat Slims were quick to follow yesterday. Lining up seeds to unlock for the remaining ... (...more)
wed posted: Wed 2019-03-20 05:37:18 tags: n/a
confirm xfer settled for Miss's 2019 IRA contrib
hair, nails, brows, pits

tue posted: Tue 2019-03-19 18:47:03 tags: n/a
Last night's movie pick: "Puncture". Being needle-phobic, I was less than comfortable with a lot of the imagery, not just the whole overarching subject matter.

I thought I had a copy of True Romance on DVD but it's looking like no. Is 2019 too soon to discard my Win2K and Office 2K install media? lol