tue posted: Tue 2023-03-21 21:19:32 tags: n/a
3 things that would help eliminate redundancy and improve accuracy
- Let cardholders enter their requested proj-phase at upload, instead of having them hand-write or digitally annotate on receipt images. This ensures valid project-phases, eliminates back-and-forth between reconciler and cardholder when project-phase was invalid or not explicitly given.

- Add a status field to the transactions table, representing "more info needed for reconciliation". This would save a lot of tedium copy/pasting, manually reviewing and updating email notification spreadsheet lists.

- Web-based food / foodservice expense approval system, patterned on Travel Authorization approval.

- Similarly - create PAC review/approval workflows instead of emailing back and forth when it's unclear to the reconciler whether an expense is allowable on a grant project.