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thu posted: Thu 2024-02-22 13:10:54 tags: n/a
weigh-in: 217.6
caf, vitamins
biscuitville grilled chx + egg + chz / eng muffin

NY Slice meatball stromboli + pepperoni or ham might be the best deal on the strip.

wed posted: Wed 2024-02-21 13:33:16 tags: n/a
last toasted bagel w/salmon cc
caf, vitamins

cancelled auto-roll on next Tue tbill roll

tue posted: Tue 2024-02-20 14:01:36 tags: n/a
weigh-in: 217.8
protein chx soup, caf, vitamins

smoke alarm battery change

* * *

CA: 10v10 Winter season cut short

mon posted: Mon 2024-02-19 12:23:24 tags: n/a
weigh-in: 216.4
caf, vitamins

bagel w/cc
protein cocoa
snack crackers combo

* * *

TIL there's an Irish idiom "acting the maggot", comparable to the American expression "clowning around"

finish 1040 prep

continue Slow Horses

sun posted: Sun 2024-02-18 12:49:26 tags: n/a
weigh-in: 216.7 caf, vitamins 1.5 bagels w/cc 2 eggs, chz, trky bacon, toast Kandy Kakes, chz + crackers tacos I grew up calling it "taylor ham". Maybe I've noted before, "pork roll" is more brief by a letter, and a syllable; but I seem to be stuck on the "taylor ham" phrasing. Finished The Green Knight (2021). It rearranges characters from the 14th century Middle English epic poem source material - although most of the Arthurian legends have multiple sources, varying widely in some det... (...more)