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tue posted: Tue 2023-06-06 13:37:19 tags: n/a
32GB of RAM arrived yesterday to make Hyper-V possible on my Win11 laptop. Once memory was installed, the Ubuntu VM started gracefully. First-boot setup was a snap. Why is Terminal not a "favorite" on a Linux WM? Whatever, I favorited it, and let the Software Updater do its thing. Is Python installed? Running "python3" put me in Python's interactive mode, so, yes. Aces. According to [some web search result], Ubuntu does not pre-load pip. So you need to sudo apt update sudo apt install python3-... (...more)
sun posted: Mon 2023-06-05 15:01:25 tags: n/a
2p: Sir Bert and the New DM One-Shot Kicking around in my head the fact that there's a forever shortage of DMs, a couple months just one month back (it feels longer) I asked around about hurdles that kept players from DM'ing. As a result of that conversation, one of my forever-player friends was inspired to try his hand at DM'ing a "one-shot" of his own invention. And I was very happy because if I had thought about it sooner, I would immediately agree that this guy has command of the rules, overall cogni... (...more)
fri-sat posted: Thu 2023-06-01 14:23:58 tags: n/a
acct stmts summary updt pay bills tighten up some cash sweep options and reinvest drips in retirement funds CA: Finished Colosseum in Gold II tier - expect +12K honor points Sunday morning, still a little short of another copy of Time Keeper general. "Battle Pass" tier 98, just short of 4-star Flame Bull pet. water Zena fresh shaver blade haircut, brows nails * * * Fri 7p: "Corpus Christi" Sat Sun 2p: Sir Bert and the New DM One-Shot Raleigh International Food (Trucks) ... (...more)
thu posted: Thu 2023-06-01 14:08:19 tags: n/a
Thank you, Monday Me, for making breakfast burritos! * * * Yelp: America's Top 100 Burgers Cowfish / Charlotte #6; Sister Liu's Kitchen / Durham #7; Juicy Lucy's / Asheville #48 * * * I've been living with this concept of "processing emotions" for a long time now. I consulted counselor Dawn for 10 sessions in 2016, and toward the end tried to nail down exactly what that process looks like. Her take was very dependent on buying into the "Inner Child" paradigm, which felt and still feels "off" to... (...more)
Tarokka reader posted: Wed 2023-05-31 20:23:32 tags: n/a
If you only want the "card name" (e.g. One of Coins, Master of Glyphs, etc.) then you can quickly assemble the "common deck" from an iterable comprehension like: def make_common_deck(): deck = set() suits = ["Coins", "Glyphs", "Swords", "Stars"] ranks = [] # no Aces, they're ones for i in range(1, 10): ranks.append(str(i)) # no tens, they're Masters ranks.append("Master") for suit in suits: cards = {f'{rank} of {suit}' for rank in ranks} ... (...more)