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tue posted: Tue 2022-12-06 17:58:45 tags: n/a
finalize benefits enrollments

* * *

RotMG: got my Wizard killed in a Sprite World with spider swarm condition... lessons never learned...

mon posted: Mon 2022-12-05 14:43:02 tags: n/a
A good night's sleep fork 2022 wishlist and share pick and enroll in healthcare plan, dental/vision options, retirement plan * * * My $180 smrtfon is 2 years old today. Crossroads feels like forever ago. * * * Apparently at some point somebody decided "show", "series" or "program" weren't precise enough to include "video serieses that aren't produced for streaming, cable or broadcast TV" and somehow an Apple iPod-specific coinage stuck. That's all a "podcast" is, regardless of whether it's ... (...more)
sun posted: Mon 2022-12-05 14:15:54 tags: n/a
Scale back morning caffeine to 100mg
Fork mailing list and fix template to line up with labels
-- Need: ~20 more stamps; envelope resupply (at least 1 box of 15); 2 hand-addressed envs;
-- Final edit and printing
Conquer Mt. St. Clothesmore

RotMG: max Rogue Dex and Speed; roll a Wizard with better-than-average Health

sat posted: Sat 2022-12-03 18:02:28 tags: n/a
Run dishwasher Best breakfast Empty litter genie Fuel up Fiat ATM / cash Farmers Market / eggs Prep 12 brkfst burritos except somehow I only ended up w/11 Clean microwave, counters, stovetop Empty / reload dishwasher Pay some bills Nap Sweep the back porch Retrieve Xmas decorations Dust ceiling fans Newsletter mailing list to labels; count 31 (+2 spare = 33) for printing, envs and stamps ...As ever, Word is crap at figuring out how to position text squarely in the labe... (...more)
thu posted: Thu 2022-12-01 15:14:16 tags: n/a
D+D: Playing "Clank", my Warforged Alchemist / Clockwork Soul Sorcerer, has been a hoot - but since the group has had no shortage of healing lately and he does take up xp, he's sitting out the next adventure. Ostensibly to try to fix the ticking noises that developed when he leveled up, which I'm playing as Clank himself not understanding that his sorcerer class features are powered by a newly-awakened connection to the outer plane of Mechanus. I kind of hoped that might prompt the player of the other... (...more)