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sat posted: Sat 2024-02-17 20:53:27 tags: n/a
Fell asleep watching Killers of the Flower Moon;
woke ~5:30a, aged castles, back to bed ~6:15?
...slept in til ~10a o:

100mg caf, vitamins
taylor ham egg + chz bagel
unload / reload dishwasher

filing, file organization review + cleanup

finish Killers of the Flower Moon; start Slow Horses

fri posted: Fri 2024-02-16 21:22:36 tags: n/a
weigh-in: 217.3
tea, caf, vitamin

thu posted: Thu 2024-02-15 13:21:45 tags: n/a
wake 6:05a
caf, vitamins
clear sink into dishwasher

Check Engine light ... yay -_-

biscuitvile chx egg + chz
cracker packs

* * *

The Remains of the Day (1993, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson)

Wednesday of the Ash variety posted: Tue 2024-02-13 23:54:46 tags: n/a
weigh-in: 216.4
caf, vitamins, egg+chz sandwich

pay some bills
load/run dishwasher
haircut, nails

Ash Wed service / St. Paul's Cary @ noon
browse Golden Hex
get mail

tue posted: Tue 2024-02-13 14:43:32 tags: n/a
weigh-in: 214.5 protein cocoa, caf, vitamins hotdog + chz + sauerkraut * * * CA: Late last year I realized I was closing in on the last few alchemies to finish 15 Hearts of the Woods and 15 Stormbinders for the Annihilation Archive item set. So, I focused on picking off Auroras whenever I spotted them and had stam to spare. Then I got lucky with Valhallas, and finished that this morning. I also had a backlog of Smelting Crystals, enough to add 4 levels to my Furnace. And finally, the Treasure Islan... (...more)